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A Hastings landmark for more than 100 years!



A Hastings landmark for more than 100 years!

Our full-service bakery is packed with a wide assortment of made-from-scratch cookies,
bars, rolls, donuts, cakes and other baked goods. We also offer a full range of tasty breads, buns
and cottage rolls, plus an assortment of mouth-watering cheesecakes. Our professional cake
decorators can create special cookies and cakes for all occasions.

Stop in for a Danish and a cup of coffee, a couple of dozen cookies or to order
a cake for a birthday, graduation or wedding. You'll find it all at Emily's!

Our deli is a treat for your taste buds! Enjoy one of our custom-built sandwiches,
a hot cup of our homemade soup, a savory salad and our new fruit smoothie. If you need help
with a party, give us a call. We have great meat and cheese trays, relish trays, fruit trays,
cheese balls, smoked salmon spread, foccacia wedges, spinach dip bread bowls and dessert trays.
If you want to make your guests' heads turn, order one of our giant subs.
They're big -- up to 6 feet long! -- and they're scrumptious.

Emily's Bakery & Deli | 1212 Vermillion Street | 651-437-3338