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State's first domino transplant patients recovering in Madison

Two patients at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison are recovering, after they received Wisconsin's first domino transplant.

In a 12-hour operation this week, Joe Stoikes of Madison received a matching liver from a deceased donor and Stoikes' liver was then given to Eino Ahlgren of Waukesha. Both men are doing well.

Stoikes is expected to go home today, and Ahlgren could be released during the weekend.

The domino procedure has only been done about 100 times over the past 13 years.

Stoikes needed a new liver because he has a rare genetic condition called FAP. Ahlgren's liver was about to fail because of a long-time hepatitis infection. Doctors say he'll be OK with Stoikes' liver, even with Stoikes' genetic condition.

Without the new liver, Ahlgren might have lived for only another year or two.

The head of the UW liver transplant program, Dr. Anthony D'Alessandro, said Ahlgren, 58, could get symptoms of FAP, but not for 20-30 years.

And even then, it's expected to be so mild that no treatment would be necessary.