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Kudos! They don't sell to minors

The St. Croix County Public Health Department recognized three River Falls businesses for not selling tobacco products to minors during a 2009 inspection check: BP Amoco, 700 N. Main St.; Holiday, 1184 N. Main St.; and Walgreen drug store, 1047 N. Main St. These three on the St. Croix side of the city passed the inspection, while three other local business didn't.

On the Pierce County side of River Falls, all stores and shops that were checked last year complied 100% with the law against selling tobacco to those under 18.

The Pierce/St. Croix Tobacco Free Coalition congratulated River Falls Police Chief Roger Leque for his support to keep tobacco products out of the hands of youth.

The group also thanked local business who are checking IDs before selling cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other related items.