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The Drought-of-2012 is finally declared over in Wisconsin

It's finally over. The Drought-of-2012 officially ended in Wisconsin this morning, when the U-S Drought Monitor said no place in the state is abnormally dry any longer. After the extended winter and the recent heavy rains, you may have assumed that Wisconsin is so water-logged, it's hard to believe that any place could still have drought conditions. The Minocqua area was the final holdout, losing its drought status just this past week. It was only nine months ago when the most severe drought in decades had a strangle-hold on Wisconsin. The drought - coupled with record-high temperatures -- were blamed for the losses of plants, crops, and feed for dairy cows. This spring, those same things are almost drowning from too much rain. Parts of Wisconsin have had eight inches more liquid precipitation than normal since the start of 2013. A series of recent low-pressure systems have brought almost a constant parade of showers and thunderstorms to Wisconsin since Memorial Day. Rain was in the statewide forecast for today, and in southern areas tonight. Drier weather is expected for the weekend. But the National Weather Service says there might be enough unstable air to trigger isolated rain showers in the south and west tomorrow, and the entire state on Saturday.