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Be careful about true confessions while eating out

River Falls police say they arrested two bicycle thieves over the weekend, but the tip that solved the case allegedly came from the thieves. The young man and woman, one a college student, were eating Mexican at the local Mariachi Loco restaurant. The owner of the two stolen mountain bikes was also eating two tables away. He claimed to hear the woman tell her boyfriend that she couldn't believe they'd stolen the bikes and that she'd pedaled hers in high heels!

Police were called. The couple was questioned in the restaurant parking lot. The bikes were allegedly taken from a residential garage on Broadway Street. The suspects claimed they'd found the bikes lying by a bridge and taken them because they were tired of walking, had been drinking and wanted to get to the man's apartment faster.

The arresting officer said that no matter where the bikes were, they didn't belong to the couple. Each was given a $240 fine. The man showed police where the bicycles were stashed - in an apartment building utility shed at 1018 S. Main St.

Also this last week police:

--Are still investigating a downtown beating that singled out the assailant but has no victim. The attack occurred in the 100 block of South Main Street at 1:40 a.m. Friday. Three men were said to jump another man, who took a blow to the face that knocked him down. The three fled in a Cadillac Deville that was later stopped at Park and Main streets. The one who allegedly threw the punch is a 22-year-old from Prescott. He said his buddies had just left Ground Zero bar when they met the victim who made an offensive remark, leading to the punch. Returning to the scene of the attack, officers couldn't find the victim. All that was left on the sidewalk was an upside-down Minnesota Twins baseball cap next to some blood. If the victim is ever identified, the Prescott man may be charged.

--Investigated but made no arrests in a scuffle outside Boomer's Bar downtown. A 29-year-old River Falls man, described as disorderly inside the bar, was claiming that a bouncer had twisted his nipples, causing great pain and bleeding. The man said his nipples were sensitive because they had been pierced. He lifted his shirt to show, but an officer replied there was no sign of bleeding. Incensed, the man used his cell phone to call 911 and shout that he wanted justice. Eventually, police did file a report that included taking a picture of the man's pierced nipples. He kept insisting they were bleeding.

--Arrested a 54-year-old rural River Falls man for his fourth drunk driving arrest Saturday morning. A Pierce County Sheriff's deputy warned officers about a revoked driver entering the city limits. The man was pulled over at Cemetery Road and Wisconsin Street. His latest drunk driving charge will be heard in Pierce County Circuit Court.

--Arrested a 34-year-old local woman for drunk driving at 12:45 a.m. Saturday after a report that she had hit a Hwy. 35 construction barrel while returning to River Falls from Minnesota.

--Arrested a 19-year-old UW-River Falls student for drunk driving at 1:15 a.m. Friday after he was allegedly seen driving the wrong way while headed south on Main Street. The man tried to claim he was the "designated driver" before field sobriety tests allegedly showed otherwise. His two passengers were cited for underage drinking.

--Arrested a 63-year-old rural River Falls woman for shoplifting at Dick's Fresh Market last Wednesday afternoon. The woman allegedly had a jar of peanut butter and cream cheese in her purse. She had groceries in her car that came from other local stores. There was also a shoplifting complaint filed against her at EconoFoods. At first the woman denied stealing from Dick's, then she blamed her actions on drugs she takes for a medical condition. She was given a $177 fine and eventually released.

For more Police Beat, please check the April 14 print edition of the River Falls Journal.