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Ptacek's celebrates 100th on Oct. 6, hopes to break brat record

PRESCOTT-- The World Record Academy will be notified after October 6, when Ptacek's IGA grocery store hosts its annual Octoberfest, but this year they are also celebrating their 100 year anniversary. As one of the last standing independent grocery stores in Wisconsin, Ptacek's holds a fall event, but this year they are attempting to grill a 53-foot long bratwurst, complete with a bun. It will be something historic to see, and devour, so they recommend all who attend, to please come with an empty stomach.

"The proceeds from the bratwurst and beer sales will be 100 percent donated to the Have-a-Heart foundation, a local charity," said Patrick Ptacek, Store Manager.

Can it be done? With help from the staff, Patrick Ptacek and his father, Mike, have hopes they can complete the task, moving on to beat the current record of 47 feet. The music will be live and the beer will be cold, direct from the newly expanded liquor department. There will be free sloppy joes, pumpkins, a blow-up bouncy house, petting zoo and, yes, even a Velcro wall. "No holding back on this event," states Ptacek. "We are hoping to beat the world record, celebrate our 100 year anniversary and have a good time with our customers and friends in our community."

The event begins at 10 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. For more information, visit or call (715) 262-5636.