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No lie, people urged to party and tell some 'fish tails'

In preparation for the Lies and Lures fundraising event, the Lies and Lures judges had dinner and took a picture with Flat (Bruce) Foster, which will also be available for photographs during the Lies and Lures event. Front Row: Judie Foster Babcock, Flat Foster, Jennifer O'Neill, Darcy Crandell; Second Row: Tom Elbert, Cedric Ellingson, David Vold, Melissa Crayford, Todd Andrews. Submitted photo

Five generations ago, Joel Foster was recognized as establishing the town of River Falls after venturing here to find a fishing hole he heard was great.

"He decided this would be a good place to live," said David Babcock, a member of the Foster Community Foundation.

In 1848 he claimed a "chunk of land, which is right by the cascade bridge to the power dam" and persuaded his friends and family to come live in the area with him, said Babcock.

About 165 years later, the 2.5 acres he claimed is the future site of the Gathering Place (community center) and of the first Lies and Lures fundraiser that David Babcock hopes becomes an annual event. This year it will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 15.

A fish dinner, catered by the West Wind, will start the evening, followed by the Liars Contest.

In the Liar's Contest, people tell "fish tails" and whoever has the most believable yet incredible story wins a crown, a trophy and bragging rights, said Judie Babcock, president of the Foster Community Foundation.

Judging criteria for this competition include audience response, boldness and technique.

There will also be children's activities, like sidewalk drawing.

Tickets to the event are limited and should be bought ahead, David Babcock suggested. They're available online through the Foster Foundation's website and at local locations like Perkin's Family Restaurant & Bakery and Dish and the Spoon Café.

More information about the Foster Foundation's vision of the Gathering Place is available at their website, along with the link to purchase tickets for the Lies and Lures event.