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Wisconsin posts child-care ratings, fines

State officials have made it easier to help parents decide which child-care centers to use.

The Department of Children and Families has started to list the amounts of fines levied against day-care facilities and the reasons they were issued. Child-care groups have asked for years to have the information online so parents don't unfairly shy away from centers that are not bad apples.

The data has always been available, but as recently as six years ago parents had to drive to one of five regional state government centers to get it or pay 15 cents per page to get it by mail.

In 2008, the state began listing online centers that had violated state rules, but it did not list the fines or the violations committed. State child-care union president Anneliese Sheahan of Mosinee said that was really unfair, because their potential customers could not tell if a place got fined $100 or $1,000.

Find the listings online under the "Report Fraud" tab at