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Daddies, daughters dance the night away

Nearly 200 couples showed up for the second annual Daddy Daughter Dance at the high school Friday night, Feb. 8.

This year's dance was sponsored by the school district's Community Education program. Dads and daughters enjoyed doing the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey, and Electric Slide, and everyone joined in the Congo Line. Volunteers decorated, checked people in, served ice cream sundaes, helped with crafts, worked in the coat check and cleaned up afterward.

Some 45 volunteers helped with the event, including from the National Honor Society, SOS and Renaissance Academy. Senior Tax Exchange (STEP) participants were on hand to greet guests. Shown left to right Abby and Randy Madsen, Jenny Crooks and Ron Novak, Aeva and Mike Noreen, and Brynn and Mike Johnson.