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Days Gone By: Baby Photo Contest 1954

Barbara Jean Purfeerst and Michael Gehn were given honorable mention titles in the Baby Photo Contest sponsored by the River Falls Journal and Gene's Candid Studio in 1954.1 / 2
Randy Baar's photo won top honors in the Baby Photo Contest sponsored by the River Falls Journal and Gene's Candid Studio in 1954.2 / 2

60 YEARS AGO, APRIL 1, 1954

Randall (Randy) Baar, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Baar, 528 N. Pearl, won first place and the $25 U.S. Bond in the Gene’s Candid Studio-River Falls Journal child photo contest last weekend. Randy is one of a set of twins. Given honorable mention in the contest were: Susan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Obermueller, 213 S. Third St., Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gehn, College Apartment No. 20; Duane, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Madson; and Barbara Jean Purfeerst, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Purfeerst.

The St. Bridget’s seventh and eighth graders basketball team, coached by Donnie Richards, ended with a record of nine wins and four losses. Team members included Gordie Pechacek, Roger Pechacek, Ronald Warwick, Bill Herring, Harvey Probst, Wayne Kuss, Jim Fleming, Jim Murphy, Don Foley, Make Carey, Ronnie Gilbertson and Donnie Gilbertson.

By proclamation of Mayor J.M. Bartosh, dog owners were warned that any dogs found off premises of owner and unaccompanied by its owner, whether licensed or unlicensed shall be considered a nuisance and may be seized, restrained, impounded, and disposed of; and it is considered unlawful for any person to harbor or permit to remain about his premises, any dog for which no license exists.

70 YEARS AGO, MARCH 23, 1944

The Boy Scouts of River Falls were asking the public to cooperate in every way possible with their waste paper drive. Every sheet of paper was needed to help protect necessary equipment, food, weapons and blood plasma being shipped to the boys at the front. The Lund Co. was providing a paper baler at Kulstad Bros. clothing store for business places to bring their weekly accumulation of scrap paper, and so far Billy Killian has done a great job bringing in paper from John Black, Mrs. Ritchey, Mrs. Alta Brandt, L.J. Kay, J.L. Jennings, Matt Schommer, Dugan Larson, Mrs. Wigen, Mr. Mortimer and Paul Baird.

Postal rates were to be increased this month with all first class mail set at 3 cents per ounce, and air mail increased to 8 cents per ounce. Post cards will remain at the one-cent rate, and air mail for service men and women will continue to be 6 cents per half ounce.

Four days after being wounded while serving with the Army Nurse Corps with the fifth Army in Italy, Lt. Ellen Ainsworth, formerly of Glenwood City, died Feb. 16. The 25-year-old nurse was the sixth member of the Army Nurse corps to meet death during this war while on active duty.

Captain Hiram Skogmo, aged 26, former River Falls boy, who was reported missing in action after his bomber failed to return from a flight over Germany, has recently been definitely reported among the dead. Captain Skogmo is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Skogmo, former residents of River Falls.

80 YEARS AGO, MARCH 29, 1934

A record was set at the local public library when 44 magazines were loaned on one day. Current magazines may be taken out on Saturdays at 7 o’clock, but must be returned before the library opens at three o’clock Monday afternoon.

Mayor Sutherland stated that although the CWA work has been curtailed at Glen Park, there were still a few men left who were continuing on with the work of completing the swimming pool, shower baths, dressing houses, diving board and walks. Once the cover can be removed the public is invited to visit and inspect it to their heart’s content. He expects it will be one of the greatest attractions in the city.

L.H. Uren, manager of the Green Lantern Tavern offered, besides booth and bar service, a variety of sandwiches at all times, coffee, and a complete stock of cigarettes, tobacco and candy, along with 5 and 10 cent beer. He also welcomed wives and girlfriends.