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Days Gone By

--Pat Hunter

50 YEARS AGO: March 1964

Starting next week the swimming pool at the high school will be open to the public twice a week — on Sundays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays 7-9 p.m. Elementary students will pay 15 cents, high school students 25 cents, adults 35 cents and families $1.

The Falcon basketball team will be without the services of the team’s main cog, Ken Lee, for the remaining two games this season. He cracked a vertebrae in his neck while exercising on the still rings. He failed to complete a somersault and landed on his neck instead of his feet. Lee said that he would be wearing a protective collar for three or four weeks and was definitely off the squad for the season. The high scoring sophomore from Durand has been the top scorer and team leader for this season.

60 YEARS AGO: Feb. 25, 1954

No clues have been unearthed in the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Caroline Holt, aged 75, of River Falls, who has been missing since Feb. 10. She disappeared after she left the St. Paul bus at the depot on a shoe buying trip, and no word of her has been heard since.

River Falls townspeople will vote April 6 on whether to raise the age limit on the sale of beer from 18 to 21.

Lyle Zastrow of Zastrow K-W Motors on North Main St., invited the public to an open house to look over the 1954 line of Kaiser and Willys passenger cars.

Mayor J. M. Bartosh joined 113 countries in declaring March 5, the first Friday of Lent, as a “Day of Prayer.”

 70 YEARS AGO, March 2, 1944

The John Deere Implement Co. and the Moody Chevrolet Co. of River Falls will sponsor a motion picture program at the Falls Theatre Friday, March 17, on farm machinery.

The quota for the Red Cross War Fund in River Falls will be $2,300, Dr. W.G. Fortune, chairman, announced this week.

Genevieve Hovde, 12-year-old lass from River Falls, will be singing with the KSTP Sunset Valley Barn Dance to be held here March 11. She has been featured on the regular Saturday night broadcast for a number of months.

Failure to endorse gas ration coupons may result in curtailment of gas allowances for some persons, the Office of Price Administration warned recently. Because many coupons are not signed, some gasoline is being sold illegally.

80 YEARS AGO, March 1, 1934

River Falls was hit by an annual dust storm Tuesday when high winds from the southwest raised a cloud of dust that filled the air and covered the entire countryside. A good rain is expected to clean the town up.

Secretaries of all lodges, community organizations and civic clubs are asked to meet with the city council next Monday night. At the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, the new standards of living and new standards of everyday life will be explained to these people in River Falls and elsewhere throughout the country.

Vern Woodward of River Falls left Tuesday for St. Paul where he will enter the heavyweight division of the Golden Gloves tournament.

90 YEARS AGO, Feb. 28, 1924

So many persons turned out to see an El Paso man plead guilty to the charge of assault, that the floor in the El Paso village hall collapsed.

On Feb. 12 official of the town of Troy stopped the National Guard trucks as they opened up the River Falls-Hudson road for the Twin City bus lines and requested that the work be postponed at least until after the farmers had hauled home their summer supply of ice. It is claimed that the passage of busses and trucks over the roads at this time makes the highway impassable for other traffic, especially sleds and sleighs, owning to the deep ruts cut by the larger and wider-spaced wheels.

State Senator George B. Skogmo, formerly of River Falls, was appointed special assistant district attorney for Milwaukee County by District Attorney George A. Shaughnessy.

Over 100 former residents of River Falls met recently in California to hold their annual gathering of Wisconsinites, wrote Mrs. Henrietta Carroll of Glendale, Calif.

130 YEARS AGO, March 6, 1884

Stillwater, Minn., now has electric lights.

In Gilman many wells have gone dry and persons are hauling water from the river.