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Days Gone By: Letters to Santa 1973 and 1963


Dear Santa,

My brother and I have been pretty good this year.

Would you please bring me a Close and Play Record Player and a Barbie Doll Head. My brother would like a Putt-Putt train and a See and Say Toy.

We will have some cookie and milk for you.

—Thank you, Annette and Scott Pechacek

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a New Tender Love, a Fisher Price House, new clothes, a Bike with training wheels!! A new book about animals, a new bean bag animal.

—Love, Kristin Kiljander

P.S. I will leave the chimney open for you!

Dear Santa,

Thank you for your letter. For Christmas I would like a toy crane, please. I have been a good boy. I am 5 years old.

—Love, Michael Kremer

Dear Santa,

You are very nice. I want a Barbie doll. Mark would like a Big Wheel. Greg would like a car.

—Love, Tamara, Mark and Greg Rasmussen

Dear Santa,

I would like a doll for Christmas. Also a basketball and a sit and spin. I have tried to be a good girl. I drew you some pictures.

—Love, Suzanne Dusek

Dear Santa,

I hope you can come on Christmas Eve. I have a cough. I am not sick. I’ve been extra good this year. I would like a game. Try to get the game of Life. I would also like a charm bracelet. If you don’t have the game of Life or a charm bracelet, then bring me a stuffed toy. I would also like a toy hospital set. I will be asleep in bed. Tell Rudolph not to come unless it is foggy. I am 9 years old.

—Your friend, Margaret Kremer

Dear Santa,

I was a good girl and I want a Baby Alive doll and next Christmas I want a Barbie house and I was a good good girl so will you please come. I will set out milk and cookies if you do.

—From, Robin Ann Rock

Dear Santa,

I want a Putt Putt construction yard and next Christmas I want a Big Wheel. I was a good boy.

—From Mike James Rock

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like a Barbie doll, a Barbie head to style and I would also like a toss across game. I would love some pants with nail heads in. And I will thank you for everything you bring to me even if I didn’t say I wanted it. Good bye Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus!

—Love, Carol Ann Peterson

Dear Santa Claus,

Can I please have a doll which is called Baby Alive and a crib for her and a picture of me and you.

—From Kandi Lodahl, I love you.

Dear Santa,

I want a grader, some more wagons for my train, and some things for my farm like: John Deere tractor, and last but not least, a bike.

—From Kevin Lodahl

Dear Santa,

I want a yellow truck, Down the Drain game, a Give-a-Show Projector, Spirograph, Etch-A-Sketch, and a Oscar the Grouch puppet.

I am never naughty! Sometimes my big brother is bad. But he is good too. I saw a TV show about you last night, it was really funny. And there will be a show about Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer soon. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. I’ll leave my stocking out for you. My stocking is the green one and it has an elf on it.

Santa Claus, you are such a nice man I love you!

—Your friend, Shawn Michael Taylor


Dear Santa,

We are having our first snow. It seems like Christmas Santa, please bring my sister a chatty baby and sister wants a Barbie doll and I want a Tammy and her family and my mother jewelry, and my father wants a hammer.

—Your friend, Vickie Wynne Frank

Dear Santa,

I want a dress for my Barbie doll fashion show, a sketch a graph, and a Ken doll with some clothes. We will probly be in North Dakota.

—Love, Denise Lenzen

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a army helmet and a truck and a rifle.

—From Randy Pearson

Dear Santa,

I try to be a good girl. I am 7 years old. I have a baby brother Jimmy, 1 year old. We live near Roberts, Wis. in the country. My mommy is writing for me. I want a chatty baby and Jimmy a toy chest. Some candy and nuts too.

—Thank you, Helen Holmquist

Dear Santa,

I want a pair of cowboy boots and a Tiger Joe.

—From Gerard Rohl

Dear Santa,

Chris wants some cowboy boots and a little play pony.

—From Chris Rohl

Dear Santa,

I want a rifle, a monkey gun, a machine gun, a football, a Tiger Joe tank, a camping set. I am 8 years old. My sisters are 5, 2, 1. I help around the house by picking it up.

Jim Lindquist

Dear Santa Claus,

I am five years old and would like for you to bring me a Snow Cone Machine, a Barbie doll and some kitchen furniture. I have really been trying to be a good girl. I will leave a treat for you by the fireplace. Have a good trip.

—Your friend, Mary Beth Collins

Dear Santa Claus

I want a Midge doll and Frosty the Snow Cone maker. I will leave cookies and pop for you. You will find it by the fireplace.

—Love, Patricia Schwalen

P.S. If you can leave Chatty Cathy’s baby brother doll I will share it with my sister Cathy

Dear Santa,

My name is Tommy Schwalen. I am a good boy. I help my mother while my brothers and sisters go to school. For Christmas I want a red tractor that I can ride in. I also want a Clancy the Great money. We will leave you some milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. We hope you will like them.

—Love, Tommy

Early 1990s

Editor’s Note: Once upon a time the River Falls Police Department had a canine officer, Hogan, handled by Officer Mike Reardon (now Sergeant). Post office carrier at the time Chuck Meyer recently found a letter addressed to his daughter’s dog — Mic Meyer, 1204 W. Maple St., River Falls. Mic was a Black Lab that Chuck dog-watched occasionally. Mic, via Chuck, had sent $10 to the police department one Christmas to be used for dog biscuits and such. In return, he received the following letter:


Thanks for the Christmas card, you are an excellent artist. I thank you for your generous gift, but I cannot accept it because it violates policy at the Police Department. I certainly appreciate the thought and hope you and your family had a good Christmas and I wish you the best in the New Year. Thanks again, and I’m sure I’ll see you out there on the playground.