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Days Gone By: Nov. 21, 2013

As part of a health unit on nutrition fifth-graders at Westside Elementary held a fruit and veggie fest. Students gave their “cafes” a name, planned menus and made snacks to share with “diners” who visited their classrooms. From left, were proprietors of the “Flashy Veggies and Fruits Café,” Emma Martin Huset, Rose Smith, Taishen Walztoni and Sarah Vitale. (2003 Journal file photo)

10 YEARS AGO, NOV. 20, 2003

Headline of the Week: “Deer,  oh dear” Collisions between deer and autos were on the rise as human and animal populations increase. River Falls police sergeant John Stapleton said there are between eight and 18 deer accidents within the city limits each year, with Hwy. 35 bypass the most common area.

The River Falls Journal-sponsored Christmas program, “Sharing Families” was again taking off with 50 needy families living within the school district to receive gifts and groceries from donations dropped off by families and local businesses.

Grocery specials in River Falls included fresh turkeys at 89 cents/lb., pork loins $1.99/lb.; evaporated milk 59 cents/12 oz. can; whipping cream 99 cents/16 oz.; and Caesar salad $1.99/10 oz. bag.

20 YEARS AGO, NOV. 25, 1993

A group of local citizens, board members of the Transitional Housing program, say they have seen the need for a shelter for families who need a few months’ housing. The program was to require from participants a commitment to be on their own within 18 months, $50 fee and a third of their income for rent. A building was still needed and a directory who would work without pay until grant money and donations begin.

Jim Jackman, 6-3, 275-pound River Falls native, one of WSUC’s top offensive linemen, played a major role in helping the Falcons achieve their No. 1 conference rushing status and was co-winner of the team’s best blocker award.

30 YEARS AGO, NOV. 24, 1983

Although the school district owns some land along the Kinnickinnic River, reportedly ranging from 40 to 64 to 80 acres, possibly in a floodplain and landlocked, a legal description was still needed, the school board voted to apply for a grant to make improvements so some use could be made of the land.

High school sophomore Pat Kusilek won state rodeo honors and a spot on the Wisconsin high school rodeo team. His brother Mark won the same in 1978.

In store drawings around town, Pat Macho won a color television set at Roxey Sukowatey’s Brass Zipper clothing sore, and Joe and Jan Hinderks won a seven-day Hawaiian trip given away by Coldwell Bankers-Sukowatey Realtors.

40 YEARS AGO, NOV. 22, 1973

A second wolf was shot in the Big River area when Gene Huppert flushed one out while deer hunting over the weekend. Well over 200 sheep have been lost so far and wolves are blamed for the killings.

The city utility department was having programming difficulties with its new computerized billing system, necessitating utility bills being mailed a little late again. Customers were asked to disregard billing where payment had been made and only pay new billing amounts.

River Falls banks were offering four-year certificates of deposit with 7 ½% interest, one-year certificates with 6 ½% interest, and savings passbooks with 5 1/4% interest paid daily.

50 YEARS AGO, NOV. 21, 1963

Thomas Linehan, instructor of driver education at the senior high school, presented a class of 23 qualifiers to Donald Larsen, high school principal. Those who have qualified included Judy Anderson, Connie Richard Clay, Virginia Deal, Alva-Jeanne Flanscha, Richard Griffey, John Howard, Jim Jewell, Alice Johnson, Michele Karnick, Gwen Korbel, Donald Leary, Dick Matz, Carole Minder, Edward Punches, Janice Ray, Jerry Sather, Carol Slocum, Nancy Stapleton, Dennis Tresselt, Richard Vold, and Diane Wisse.

Jerry and John Malmer purchased the interest of the later Einer Bouvin of the Red and White Supermarket. Mr. Bouvin and Clarence Malmer, father of Jerry and John, operated the store at the corner of Walnut and Main St. as a partnership for over 30 years.

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