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Making friends

Firemen from River Falls and Roberts making friends. Submitted photo.

 On Aug. 3, firemen from River Falls and Roberts were returning from a training session when they stopped and visited a Kool-Aid stand set up in front of Mary Babler’s home on Winter Street. The firemen were a hit and met many of the neighborhood children and their parents. Pictured, in back from left, David Babler and daughter Ruthie; firemen Brendon Johnson, Jonathan Wright, Steve McClusky, Stefan Wood and George Niemeyer from Roberts, Mitchell O’Keefe and Charles Meyer; kneeling in front, from left, Lt. and instructor Dean Greaser, Brian Roquette, Everett and Eli Babler; Captain and instructor Evan Larsen, Sean Olson, and Mary Babler holding granddaughter Olivia.