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Days Gone By - 1963

The Student Council for 1953 included, left to right: Al Forsythe, Bobby Dawson, Jack Sandberg, Gary Herum, Marie Brietkrietz, Marlene Bjerstedt, Marlys Matzek, Luanne Larson, Dave Herum, Betty Murphy, Sara Garnett, Sandra Knox, Bill Hagestad, Jim Finstad, Mr. Erickson, Jim Leonard. 1963 Yearbook photo)

60 YEARS AGO — 1953

In preparation for the 60th year reunion for the River Falls High School class of 1953 coming up on Sept. 14 at the Moose Lodge and the all-class reunion being held the same weekend, Dave Herum dropped off his 1953 yearbook, the Kinnick.

Some of his classmates’ signatures and messages included...

“Dear Dave, To one of our best basketball players and one of the nicest guys in high school. We had a good time these four years didn’t we. You sure made a good president of our class. Lots of luck Dave. You deserve the best of everything. —Luanne Larson

Lanky, It sure has been a pleasure to be acquainted with such a swell sport as yourself. I hope that our friendship can continue even though we will be sort of broken apart. Lots of luck to a really swell buddy. — Bob Dawson

Dear Dave, At last we got through 11:00 library. We sure did have a lot of fun, didn’t we? Don’t work too hard this summer and take it easy on the girls. Best of luck.  —Lucille Stock

Dear Dave, I don’t know what I’ll do next year when I don’t have you to tease in the library. Loads of luck to you in college. I sure hope I see you around once in awhile. —Kathleen Weishaar

Dear Dave or “Chick”, Well Dave we survived all right and I sure hope we survive a lot more years. It’s been good having you as a classmate. You are one of the best guys I have had the pleasure of going to H.S. with. Be good and I will see you around. —Bob Davee

Dave, We’ve had a high time this year. Good luck to a good friend. See you next year. —Allan Kind

Dear Dave, We’ll miss all of you kids an awful lot. Good luck in the future to a darn swell boy. Best wishes. —Jane Aide”

Next to Dave’s yearbook photo was written, “Sports rank first with him... was a key man in basketball 3-4  football .. 2 .. volleyball .. 2 .. track...3-4. Claims he likes girls but doesn’t care to dance... was the first to use the new dishwasher in the cafeteria.”