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Reed Grimm scores big on 'Idol' Wednesday night

Reed Grimm's solo performance on American Idol found him in a spot he is very comfortable with behind a set of drums, singing.

The Wednesday night edition of American Idol was a big night for area contestant Reed Grimm.

Not only did the group he performed with sail through to solo competition, but at the last minute before he was to sing a solo, a cappella, he found out he had to use the back up band.

On-air footage of Grimm showed him working with musical directors, calling his mother Colleen Raye for moral support and eventually changing it up again to sing 'Georgia on my Mind,' while playing the drums himself.

This is a place he is comfortable with. He again wowed the judges and he was cleared for the next round of competition which sends all of the contestants to Las Vegas for Thursday's American Idol show.

More updates will appear tomorrow. The competition tonight narrowed the field of contestants down to 70.