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Third grade holiday essays: St. Bridget


Every Christmas season, the Journal poses a few essay questions to third graders in River Falls.


Typically their answers delight with wonderful third grade imaginations. This year, local students were asked to answer one of four questions:

• Aliens have come to planet Earth on spaceships and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. What would you do to rescue them? Where would you take them so they would be safe? 

• On Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer somehow take a wrong turn and end up landing on a faraway planet. The little people there ask Santa about all of his presents. Should he give them away to bring Christmas joy to another planet or try to sneak off and find his way back to the children of Earth? Why?

• It's a couple of days before Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer has a cold. What do Santa and Mrs. Claus do to help Rudolph feel better so he can help pull Santa's sleigh for Christmas?

• If you got one wish for the holidays and you had to use it to help someone, what would you wish for and why?

St. Bridget Parish SchoolCathy Wunrow's class

Aliens came to earth to capture Mrs.Claus and Santa Claus.They tied up the elves. They took Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus to a cold cave in the North pole.

I went to the North Pole on a plane to help Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus. I went into the cave. They said, “Who are you?” I said, “Look at that.” Then I got Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus. I took them back to the toymaker at the North Pole.

—Mason Novak

If Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer had a cold, Santa and Mrs.Claus would give him warm milk. They would give him fresh baked cookies. They would also give him a warm blanket. He will watch TV. They will give him ice cream with hot fudge too. That’s what Santa and Mrs.Claus would do!

—Kelsi Beadles

Rudolph got sick. He had to stay in the stable with Santa. He had hot chocolate. He was still sick. Then he had hay with Mrs. Claus. Next, he had a nap.

He watched T.V. for 1 hour. He got a little better. Then he watched T.V. again for 4 hours. He got little better. Then he was all better. The End.

—Vince Anderson

Once on a stormy night, aliens kidnapped Santa and Mrs.Claus! They took them to a castle. I am going to rescue them because I want people to have Christmas with their family.

I will take a jet, then I can get Santa and Mrs. Claus. I will go down on a rope and I’ll rescue Santa and Mrs. Claus. Last, I will go to the jungle to hide Santa and Mrs. Claus.

—Henry Woessner

The aliens took Santa and Mrs. Claus to space with them. The aliens had green eyes and a black mouth. They had ears that look like an elf. They also had tan feet that look like a marker. The aliens had legs that have a lot of bumps on them. They also had no arms.

I snuck up on the aliens and said, “Look, there’s a squirrel!” Then I grabbed Santa and Mrs. Claus and ran away but I got caught. Next, I was so sneaky and I poured a potion on him. Then an alien kept trying to get me but he couldn’t. After that, I got Santa and Mrs. Claus and I ran. That is how I saved Santa and Mrs. Claus.

—Mason Rappel

If Rudolph was sick, the elves, Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus could take a picture of all of them to give to Rudolph. They could make a special hot chocolate for Rudolph. First, they take the picture. Next, they will glue it on the hot chocolate bowl. Then they will wait for Rudolph to wake up. When he wakes up, they can make hot chocolate in the bowl and let him drink it. Finally, he will feel better!

—Dominic Hietala

If Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had a cold, Santa and Mrs.Claus

would give him cookies and hot cocoa. Rudolph was not feeling better.

Santa said, “He should have a blanket.” Mrs.Claus said, “Yes, that is a

great idea!” Santa told an elf to get a blanket. The elf came with a blanket. The elf put it on Rudolph and he felt better. Santa was ready for Christmas. Santa said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”

—Skylar Hoikka

Aliens came to Earth and captured Mr. and Mrs.Claus on Christmas Eve. I’ll save them. I saw them in a hotel room. I went up to an alien disguised as one and asked where is the key to the hotel room? They wouldn’t tell me.

I spotted the key. It was in a cage and it was guarded. Also, it had a lock hole. I spotted the key to open it on the guard’s belt. I went up and said, “Look!” Then I took the key and got them out. I grabbed Santa and Mrs.Claus. I put them in a shed and they were safe.

—Ryan Swanson

The day before Christmas, Rudolph was sick. Now Rudolph cannot help Santa. Santa was sad that Rudolph was sick. Santa tried to help him with hot chocolate, but it didn’t work. He could not find out how to help Rudolph.

All the reindeer were very sad. They tried to cheer up Rudolph by making funny faces, singing songs, and dancing. He thought it was funny, but he was to sick to laugh. Mrs. Claus didn’t know that Rudolph was sick until she came in the room. She was sad too.

Mrs.Claus knew what to do! She gave him a regular candy cane, but that didn’t work. Then she gave him a magical candy cane. It finally worked! Now Rudolph can help Santa. Everyone in the North Pole was very happy. That’s what happened to Rudolph on Christmas.

—Kaitlin VandeYacht

On Christmas night, aliens came and captured Santa and Mrs.Claus at the North Pole. The aliens took them and put them in jail. Santa and Mrs.Claus did not have food or water. They did not know how Santa will give gifts out to kids. Santa was not happy because Christmas was ruined because of aliens. Mrs.Claus was so mad because she loves kids and Christmas.

Santa and Mrs.Claus thought someone wanted to help them get out of jail. Santa thought a kid would come and a kid did come! Santa and Mrs.Claus saw the kid. Santa was so happy and so was Mrs.Claus. Santa said, “The aliens are coming! Run!’’ So the kid ran to jail.

Santa was trying to help the kid get to the door. “The aliens are coming!’’ said Santa. Mrs.Claus was trying to open the door, too.

The kid tried and tried to open the door. Then the door opened and Santa was ok. Santa hugged the kid and said, “Thank you!’’ Santa left to go give the good kids gifts. Santa and Mrs.Claus were safe.

—Regan Hayes

Santa was sleeping. Santa woke up and saw something glowing. He thought it was his imagination. He went back to sleep. Then he woke up again and saw a spaceship. Then aliens tried to find Mrs.Claus.

The aliens found Mrs.Claus. She was making presents. Some green aliens came. So Ava came to save Santa and Mrs.Claus. She found where the aliens came from and went there. Ava found the green aliens and said, “Look over there, an eagle!” Five minutes later they were gone. Then Ava brought them to the pizza place so they all could eat dinner. Last, everyone went to sleep. The end

—Ava Purfeerst

One time on December 24, it was raining super hard. The snow was melting. Then Santa noticed something. There was knocking. Santa opened the door and out of nowhere came the most terrifying alien. It looked like Frankenstein and Count Dracula in one. Then Santa recognized him.

He was his best elf. He was also the smartest. But after he got lost he never came back. Without a blink, the alien got hold of Santa and then he went to get Mrs.Claus! After the alien kidnapped both of the Clauses, he went back to his spaceship where he locked both of them behind bars. While the alien was driving, Santa took out his whistle. Whenever he blew it, all the reindeer would appear.

Then Santa blew the whistle and out of nowhere came all the reindeer.

The spaceship slowed down on top of Venus. Then the alien came out without noticing the red nose behind the spaceship. When the alien came back he saw that Santa was crying, but then the alien noticed that Santa was fake crying just to get out of jail. Then I came behind him and got hold of him and without a blink, the Clauses were gone. Then I put them somewhere safe. This is how I saved the Clauses.

—Joseph Hoffman

On a long stormy night, Santa got kidnapped by some aliens. I had

to go after him. I had to be sneaky. When I was at their hideout, everywhere

I looked I saw big, green, slimy aliens.

When I snuck into the alien’s hideout I found Santa. Then I tried to opened the door but it was locked. Some aliens saw me, but I hid and they went searching for me.

While I hid, I saw one alien. The alien had key in his pocket. I snuck and grabbed the key. I went to Santa and opened the door and took him out. I went in a cave to go to sleep. In the morning we went to the North Pole. That is how I would rescue Santa.

—Everett Tryba

On a dark December 24, Santa was taken, in other words he was KIDNAPPED! He was kidnapped by aliens. The aliens took him

to their lair in New York City. There they put him a cage. He only got one

meal per day! They were deep underground so no one could find them.

It was so deep you could see the Earth’s core from some angles.

When the aliens weren’t looking, Santa set out a distress call.

When the sleigh team and I saw it, we set out to find him. We went

through the same tunnel as the aliens. When we got there I told reindeer

to wait for me. I found Santa! I picked the lock. We got to the sleigh and

set off. When we got to the North Pole, I told Santa to lose some weight

so he wouldn’t be recognized. This how I would save Santa.

—Drew Brantner

One day Santa and Mrs.Claus got abducted on a dark and stormy night before Christmas. I saw them get abducted by aliens, so I ran as fast as I could to get to them. When I got there I saw them almost take off. I said, “STOP!” They stopped. I said, “Look, your spaceship is leaving!” They looked. Then I ran away. I ran to my house with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

When I got to my house, I gave Mrs.Claus and Santa 12 cookies and milk or cocoa with marshmallows. Then when they were done, I brought them downstairs and found them a hiding place. I would hide in my attic under a blanket. Then I looked out the window and the aliens were gone. I told Santa and Mrs. Claus they could go now. Then I hugged them goodbye. They left for the North Pole.

—Kayla Wolfe

One stormy night Santa was drinking root beer. Then he heard a weird noise. He looked out the window and a strange white light was shining over him. He started rising. Soon he was in a dark figure. Then the lights turned on. He could see a alien! He got so scared.

I was watching the news and it said Santa was captured. I wanted to help, so I started making a plan. Then I rode a plane to the North Pole. I saw the spaceship. Then the aliens started coming out of the ship.

I tried my plan. I said, “Look an eagle!’’ The aliens looked and I took Santa with me to my house. The aliens never found us again!

—Maddox Simon

One day Santa got kidnapped by aliens. It was the day before Christmas. The elves were looking all over for him. Mrs. Claus was too. Where was he? Then they saw the aliens! The aliens looked like pears and had three eyes. The elves and Mrs. Claus decided to track down Santa and I helped them. We lost the aliens. Then we saw a spaceship blasting off.

The elves and I took Santa’s sleigh to get Santa. Rudolph led the way. When we found the aliens at their base, we put a potion on them. They fell asleep and we got Santa back.

—Jake Lien

Santa and Mrs. Claus are on vacation in Billings, Montana. They’re staying in the Red Lodge Resort. Santa and Mrs. Claus always stay in the penthouse.

While they were suntanning, a gold spaceship hovered over Mrs. Claus and Santa. The wind from the spaceship made Mrs. Claus’ hat slap off her head and drift to the ground. They screamed their heads off. The aliens sucked them into the spaceship.

Suddenly, one of the resort Ninjas shot out of the window and jumped on the spaceship. It crashed! No one got hurt. The aliens went to their lair too quickly and the Ninja couldn’t catch the aliens. Santa and Mrs. Claus got locked up in a dungeon.

The resort Ninja said, “Look over there, it is a cow!” The Ninja ran because the key was so far away. The Ninja snatched the key and unlocked them. They took the spaceship and left. Santa and Mrs. Claus had the best vacation ever. (P.S. I am the resort Ninja!)

—Molly Wehrman

If Santa got captured by aliens this is what I would do...One night Santa was making presents when a slimy, green alien came in. “ALIEN!” yelled an elf. All the elves ran, but Santa stood still. Mrs.Claus came in worried for Santa. But 4 minutes later, both were gone!

A day later, Mrs.Claus came into town with good and bad news. “The good news is, I escaped,” she said. “The bad news is, Santa is still at their lair!” I came out of the crowd and said, “Lead me to Santa.” When we got to their lair I said, “Where is the lair?” “Underground,” she said as she pressed a dirt password and led us into an open chamber.

Mrs. Claus and I walked down the silver chamber. She led me to a jail cell with Santa in it! Mrs. Claus cracked a code and broke Santa free. After we got away, I took them to my hockey arena to be safe. From then on, they ate at the concession stands and slept upstairs. I took them to my hockey arena because it is cold like the North Pole. It would be weird to rescue Santa and Mrs. Claus from aliens.

—Eleanor Adams

Greenwood ElementaryTonya Maier

If Santa and Mrs. Claus got captured by aliens when they were coming to give toys, here’s what I would do…. I would go to the planet that they are on. I would try to talk to the aliens and I would say let them comer and give us toys. But the aliens said you have to give us one too. We will let them come and give you toys so I grabbed a random toy out of Santa’s bag and gave it to them. We had a happy Christmas.

—Charlie Bauman

Santa and Mrs. Claus have to help Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer because it’s a few days until Christmas and Rudolph is sick. Santa needs him to help pull the sleigh. I think Santa and Mrs. Claus should keep Rudolph very warm and give him healthy food and if he has medicine they should give it to him.

—Elizah Kemper-Price

It’s two days before Christmas and Rudolph is sick. Santa does not know what to do. I tell Santa to stay here and help Rudolph. Well, I get another animal to pull the sleigh. I go to the pet store and get a hedgehog to pull the sleigh. Then on Christmas, Santa gives out all the presents to the girls and boys. Then I take Rudolph to the vet. When he’s better, I give him to Santa, then I go home.

—Annelise Herfindahl

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was very sick a couple of days before Christmas, Mrs. Claus and Santa would do this. They would start by calling their vet. And then they would talk to the vet about it, and she would say there was nothing she could do about it. So then they called a scientist to see if he could make up a cure. So the scientist went back to his lab and came back with a special medicine. So Rudolph drank the medicine. 5 minutes later Rudolph’s nose turned green! So they called the scientist and he said he was very sorry and came back with a different medicine. This time it was just one pill., Rudolph ate it and he felt much better.

—Macie Oian

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has a cold a couple days before Christmas, I would give Rudolph some reindeer medicine and put Rudolph in bed and hope Rudolph gets better by 2 days. If Rudolph does not get better by 2 days, we wouldn’t do Christmas.

—Samantha Huppert

If Santa took a wrong turn and landed on a faraway planet, I think he should give the toys away to the people on that planet because they don’t get toys, but other kids do. But the other kids will get toys next year. Then everyone will get toys. Just not at the same time.

—McKenna Fauber

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer got sick before Christmas, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus should go tell the other reindeer that he got sick and go get him some hot chocolate with red and green candy canes on the side, and get their favorite kind of sweet chocolate chip cookies. Then Santa Claus should go get the elves to sing Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Joy to the World. And then have everybody make him get well cards and have him stop outside to feel the winter breeze.

—Olivia Doerre

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was sick a couple of days before Christmas, I think Mr. and Mrs. Claus should get Rudolph some sleep and a warm cozy bed, water and food. Then they should get him some reindeer medicine. Then he would get some sleep and his nose will be very bright after he’s all better on Christmas Eve.

—Hannah Cudd

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer got sick before Christmas I would select a different reindeer and take care of Rudolph on the ride to give the presents and after that they should put Rudolph in his bed for 3 hours and then let him out of his bed.

—Brennan Lee

A few days before Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer got a cold. Santa and Mrs. Claus did not know what to do, so they asked the oldest elf what to do. He said, “Make him warm and give him medicine and he will hopefully get better in a few days. If he does not get better, Cupid will be the leader of the sled.”

—Breckin French

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer got a cold a couple of days before Christmas I would give him candy cane flavored medicine and i would give him all the chocolate chip cookies in the North Pole. Then after all of his cookies, I would give him a yummy hot cup of hot chocolate (with creamy whipped cream on top). Oh!-I almost forgot! Rudolph needs his exercise! He would take me on his back, and fly the both of us over the North Pole. After that, Rudolph and I will cuddle together and take a long nap. That’s what I would do if Rudolph got a cold a couple of days before Christmas.

—Meah Schlotte

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer got sick, I would put on a red nose that glows up. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to make him laugh. If it works, I would be so happy then I would have a very merry Christmas.

—Annyssa Brown

It’s a couple of days before Christmas Eve and Rudolph has a cold. Santa should have Mrs. Claus bake cookies and feed them to him and Santa should buy candy canes, lollipops, chocolate bars and sweet stuff, because sweets are medicine for reindeer children.

By Andrew O’Connor

On Christmas, if Santa took a wrong turn and landed on a faraway planet, I think he should give the presents to the people on the other planet. So you can learn what Christmas is all about, like spending time with family and friends.

—Ty Briggs

If aliens have come to Earth and captured Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus , I would take them to my house so they would be safe there with me. I would put them in my closet because it would be safe in there and my dad would fight them off then I would take them back home and make sure there are no more aliens and I would make sure the reindeer are okay.

—Brooke Woznak

If Rudolph got a cold a few days before Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus should give him lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. They should also give him lots of candy canes and red lights to look at. You know, because with a cold you get a runny nose and that would fade the light kin his nose, so the red light would perk up his nose. They would also need to do a Christmas jig for him and take him to lots of Christmas plays. The elves would probably need to sing to him, too. That would make him feel better.

—Kira Sonnee

If Santa and Mrs. Claus were captured by the aliens, Santa’s reindeer would try to rescue Santa and Mrs. Claus. And if they can’t rescue Santa and Mrs Claus the reindeer would have to zoom really fast to the North Pole to ask the elves to try to rescue Santa and Mrs. Claus. And if the elves can’t rescue them then Santa and Mrs. Claus would have to try to get back by themselves. And if they don’t get back by themselves, they are in big trouble because the kids won’t get their presents.

—Jagger Johnson

If Santa took a wrong turn to a different planet, and I was him, I would try to sneak off and give the presents to the kids. But only the kids on the nice list. If they made him stay, I would make Mrs. Claus the new Santa forever unless Santa finds a way back to Earth. Or maybe explore another planet in space. And if he went to another planet, he would not know the people that are on the naughty or nice list. So, I would find my way back instead of giving the people that do not know what Christmas is, presents.

—Lanson McQuade

If Santa and his reindeer take a wrong turn ending up on a faraway planet, he should try and sneak off by throwing five candy canes. Then the aliens get distracted and go after them. If it doesn’t work, then call Mrs. Claus. Tell her to bring Rudolph to distract the aliens. Then come back to Earth.

—Parker Sabelko

It’s a couple day before Christmas and Rudolph got a cold. Santa and Mrs. Claus should buy chocolate, and hot chocolate, and candy canes. They should go and feed it to Rudolph.

—Cheyenne Preston

If Rudolph was sick, I’d want Santa to give Rudolph a toy robot.

—Joshua Donate

If aliens have taken Santa and Mrs. Claus away I would go to the North Pole and distract the aliens with a toy car and take them down underground in an obsidian room where the aliens would not find them and party all night and drink soda pop and eat pizza and play video games. In the morning, we would go ride dune buggies and then go to sleep and then chop down trees for the furnace and then go and get a pitbull and get a spike collar. We went to Siberia and we took pictures of Siberian tigers. And we went home and went to sleep.

—Nathan Johnston

Aliens have come to Earth and captured Santa. I would quickly make a grappling hook and throw it to the engine and climb up the rope and then I would break the window and I would get Santa and I would drive him to safety in the spaceship and I would save Christmas.

—Tristan Patz

Mrs. Larsen’s class

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve the little children of Earth were so excited for Christmas. But Santa took a wrong turn and landed up on planet Mars and found some little people! Will the little people of Earth still have Christmas? The little people of Mars asked about the presents. But Santa worried. He tried to sneak off, but the little people said, “You can’t leave! You have to show us your presents!” So Santa worriedly took out the presents and opened one. The little peoples’ faces lit up in excitement. But the boys didn’t like it. Neither did the girls, except one little girl. She asked what it was called.

Santa’s face had a huge smile because he thought that she didn’t like it. Santa told her that it was a Barbie doll and gave it to her. The little girl loved it. But Santa wasn’t there. “He got away!” said the little people. But then they noticed that there were presents for them. They all loved their presents. Santa went back to planet Earth to give the presents to the people there. Then they all had a great Christmas.

Santa said, “Merry Christmas to all!”

—Anya Caliva

On Christmas Eve Santa took a wrong turn because the newest reindeer Rosey did not know the way to go. They went to a planet called Music Do. The people there wondered what the presents were for. A little girl named Forta said, “What are those for?” and jumped in.

Santa said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! These are for the children back on Earth where you belong.” A wiseman named Lot said “A long time ago when I was young we lived on Earth. A mean king sent us here. He also sent some of his guards to make sure we stayed.” “ I can bring you all presents tomorrow night,” said Santa. “We can call it Music Do Day.”

“See you tomorrow!” said the little people. Rosey led the way. “Dash away, dash away, dash away all!”

—Symphony Hanson

Santa wants to steal all of the presents and an elf said, “Are you going to space, Santa?” “Yes,” said Santa. “Do you want to go, too?”

Rudolph said, “Can I watch the sleigh?” “Your nose is so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?” Santa wanted to give the presents to the aliens because they wanted to have presents. They switched off Christmas. The Earth is so sad. They want to cry because they do not have presents.

—Matthew Tiffany

I have a wish I can make a difference! I do not just want presents. I also want all people to be safe and healthy. And for all poor people to be healthy. I would keep all sick people with enough money to go to the doctor. I would make sure everyone had a good home, including dogs. If everyone could do something little it would make a big difference. If I could do this stuff it would help people. Maybe you could do one or two of them:

1. Donate food to a food shelf.

2. Donate books or toys.

3. Donate money to the doctor to help people that are sick.

4. Donate food to people.

5. Donate clothes that are too small but not old.

That is my wish for Christmas.

—Sloane Raverty

It’s Christmas Eve and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has a really bad cold. Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus want to help Rudolph. Mrs.Claus made some cough medicine. Mrs. Claus gave it to Rudolph. Ta-da!

He was better! Now he can pull the sleigh! Merry Christmas!

—Breanna Henrich

Aliens have come to Earth with alien army ships and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus and put them in a golden cage far, far away on a mountain that was actually their civilization. All the elves followed the magic dust that Santa leaves behind him with the elf army. One elf, William, disguised himself as an alien and brought a flamethrower. He went into the rocket ships and went to the engine room and he got his flamethrower and destroyed the engines. He landed in the mountain and melted the golden cage, rescued Santa and Mrs. Claus, and then melted the snow entrance on the way out. Santa said to work on the presents right away!

—William Moser

Santa got trapped by aliens and they flew to planet Zomba and then Santa gave the aliens the presents. Then he called the elves to make some more presents for the kids. Then he ate pizza and went to bed. When he woke up he ate breakfast and then watched all the kids.

Why he gave the presents to the aliens on planet Zomba is because they probably didn’t get presents.

—Trevan Anderson

It was the night before Christmas. Santa and his reindeer got lost in a blizzard and flew to a planet called Goo. The little people were curious and started to ask Santa about his presents. And Santa thought they would steal the presents. So he snuck off with his reindeer. He flew to Earth and delivered presents to the good kids!

—Walter Sayler

Rudolph is sick. He needs children to believe in Christmas magic.If they are stopping it means he might never get better. Luckily one kid still has the Christmas spirit in him. Santa goes to New York and he goes to a toy store that needs a Santa. He works there for a week. He brought some people joy and one day he meets that boy. You know - the one I was talking about. He asked for not a toy or game, just for his sister to get well. Santa was so glad to meet such a boy he made Christmas decorations everywhere. Soon everybody got into the Christmas spirit. Rudolph got better and pulled the sleigh on Christmas Eve.

—Avery Kannel

It’s almost Christmas and Rudolph has a cold! How can he pull the sleigh? How can Santa and Mrs. Claus help him? Instead of Rudolph, maybe a different reindeer? Oh, I have a good idea...maybe medicine!

It’s five days later and Rudolph STILL has a cold. Only three more days until Christmas. The next day Rudolph has a temperature of 100 degrees. The next day he has a temperature of 100 degrees STILL.

The next day Rudolph has a temperature of only 95 degrees. YES!

Perfect timing for Christmas!

—Addison Hines

“I’ll save you Santa and Mrs. Claus!” Pow! We got you Santa and Mrs. Claus. Wow! Here are some swords. Let’s get to the sleigh. But they trapped the reindeer. Those bad aliens! Hey, you aliens made the bad list! I guess they don’t know our language. Well let’s go to the back of the trap that the aliens trapped the reindeer in. Zap! The cage is open. The reindeer are tied to the sleigh. Let’s go! Have a Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! And have a happy ever after.

—Jackson Magee

I have a wish I can make a difference! I do not just want presents. I want everyone to have food, a safe place to sleep and money to go to the doctor when they are sick. I really do not think I can do very much but I am doing something by filling a box with food for the food shelf. If everyone does something we can make a big difference. If I could do more I would do these things and maybe you can do one or two.

1. Donate food to a food shelf.

2. Donate things you do not use anymore.

3. Donate toys you do not use anymore to a hospital or even a food


4. Donate clothes that are too small but not too old.

That is my wish for this Christmas!

—Sydney Thompson

Once a long time ago in a place far far away, a place where white covered everything. It was called Santa Claus Lane. It was almost Christmas Eve. Santa and his reindeer set off.

“Ok Rudolph! Go up,” said Santa in a deep polite voice.

“I’m going, I’m going!” said Rudolph in a sweet reindeer voice.

“Oh no!” said santa in a serious voice.

“What’s the matter Santa? Did you get your beard stuck in one of the reindeer’s horns again?”

“No Rudolph, it’s a meteor shower,” said Santa.

They wiggled and wobbled all over the place and suddenly they hit planet Earth.

“Santa where are the houses?” said Rudolph.

“I don’t think this is earth,” said Santa.

They ended up in a planet called Zoompee. Little people came up to greet them.

“Hey, hi, hello, how are you doing!” said the people. They had never heard of Santa. They did not get a lot of gifts. Santa felt bad.

“Take these,” said Santa in a polite voice, but was trying to hide how scared the kids will be. He thought, what will the kids think. He was very nervous.

“I’ll use my magic. I’ll do it tomorrow.” said Santa.

So that he did. Since he did not do it that night, the kids did not believe anymore.

“The Christmas spirit is fading,” said Santa more worried than ever. “We need to make them believe,” whispered Santa to himself.

“But how?” said Rudolph, very confused.

“Show them,” said Santa like he knew everything possible. “Take pictures!” said Santa.

—Jaelyn Trautmiller

It’s the week before Christmas and Rudolph has a terrible cold. His nose isn’t shining and Santa is just getting ready for Christmas.

Mrs. Claus said, “I’ve found a cure. It’s golden carrots. They’re only in South America.” Santa said, “I’m taking a trip to South a What?

What?” Mrs. Claus said, “South America.” Santa said, “Ok.” Santa went on a trip trying not to get caught but Santa got caught. There were Santa sightings all over the world but he kept going. When he was so close a meteor shower came and Santa ended up on a faraway planet.

Aliens showed up. They saw his presents and thought they were weapons so they decided to have war but Santa stopped them and headed to South America. He found his golden carrots and got to the North Pole an hour before he had to deliver presents. Rudolph felt better and everything's great!

—Ben Jaeckel

It was Christmas and Santa was on his sleigh and took a wrong turn. He somehow ended up on the moon. He saw these little people and the little people greeted Santa. So Santa stayed a little bit. Santa explored the place and Santa remembered Christmas and he was thinking about if he would stay at the moon or go back to Earth. He was thinking about if he wants to give joy to the little people or give joy to the kids on Earth. He finally had an answer. He was going to go back to Earth.

—Mason Peterson

One evening a week before Christmas, well, the reindeer were practicing flying. Rudolph started to sneeze. He kept on sneezing.

When Mrs. Claus noticed she said, “Rudolph are you ok?” Rudolph said, “No, I think I have a cold.”

“Oh no!” said Mrs. Claus. “I will go get some ointments.” Five minutes later Mrs. Claus was back with 20 bottles. She tried all of them but nothing worked. She gave him green tea. That did not work. She added honey but it still didn’t work.

Then she asked Santa Claus about this problem. He remembered there was a medicine man that lived nearby. So he rode Cupid over for a visit. Santa said to the medicine man, “My reindeer Rudolph is sick and has the flu. Is there anything that will cure him?”

“Take me to Rudolph and I will try to make something to help him.” So Santa and the medicine man rode past Santa’s workshop, past the stables, and stopped by Rudolph.

They climbed off Cupid and the medicine man set up. At two o’clock Santa checked in.

“Is everything ok in there?”

“I am afraid I can not do anything for Rudolph. Anyway I need to go home,” said the medicine man. And then he left.

On Christmas Eve Santa got another idea. “I shall go to the woods to get a regular deer to fly the sleigh tonight!”

So Santa set off to get a deer with his lasso. Then he found the right sized buck. He aimed and fired! But he missed. Then he tried again and got it! Then Santa set off to the arena to train it. Two minutes later he was in the arena training the deer.

First he trained the deer to walk, then trot, then run, and fly! Then it was night. After the last elf put the last present in the sack and made sure the reindeer were hooked up, Santa set off! When there was one present left the deer went wild!

And it took Santa and his reindeer up and up and up into space! Santa got stuck in a black hole! Then he caught something in the corner of his eye.

Was it a bird? A ship? No! It was Mrs. Claus and Rudolph to the rescue! Mrs. Claus untied the collar that the deer was in and put the deer by Santa. Then Mrs. Claus put the collar on Rudolph and got in the sleigh. And Rudolph and the reindeer used all their strength and they pulled the sleigh out of the black hole and delivered the last present to the last home!

—Ashley Symicek

Aliens have come to Earth and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus. I saw it so I ran to my lab and located their ships. I ran to my spaceship and found elves in my ship. They said, “We want to help get Santa and Mrs. Claus back.” “Fine, you can come. Okay, take those candy cane shrink rays and M&M bombs that cause chocolate explosions. Okay, to the ship!” And then we flew up to the ships. We went on to the main ship. We got in and used a M&M bomb to knock out the security. We found two guards. We used the shrink rays and we got Santa and Mrs. Claus. We got to the ship and were heading to the underwater cave.

—Colin Peterson

On Christmas Eve Santa and his reindeer took a wrong turn and ended up on planet Zimo. The people there started to ask him all about his presents. Should he go back to Earth or should he stay? He should go back to Earth because otherwise the kids would be sad and wouldn’t get what they asked for and they would not believe in Santa.

—Nick Ludwikoski

“Mrs. Claus! Mrs. Claus!” Mr. Claus shouted. “Rudolph is sick!” Mrs. Claus burst out of the room. She got a blanket and ice pack, met Mr. Claus and gave Rudolph the blanket and ice pack. “Who will deliver presents?” Mrs. Claus asked. Just then they heard a knock on the door.

A little girl was standing on the porch with her dog. “Hi!” she said. “I think I can help!” “Let me see what you can do,” said Mrs. Claus. “While I help Rudolph my dog can take Rudolph’s place,” said the little girl.

“Ok, now I will get the presents and reindeer ready. I will help Rudolph,” said the little girl. “Wait, what is your name?” Mrs. Claus asked. “Callie, Cat for short,” said Callie. “How will a little dog take Rudolph’s place? The dog does not have a red glow-up nose,” Mrs. Claus said to Mr. Claus. “I know, but dogs have a great sense of smell.” “Ok, ok,” said Mrs. Claus. “Let’s get moving.” And so they left and delivered presents and when they came home Rudolph was better!

—Olive Halvorson

I will take a spaceship and ride to the moon. I would fight the aliens with a light saber. I am going to hide Santa and Mrs. Claus back on Earth in the bushes. I will bring them food each day. They will have light sabers in case someone found them. Then they’ll escape and go back to the North Pole. They’ll get their sleigh and presents ready to deliver on Christmas Eve. They’ll keep their light sabers in case the aliens come back! Happy Christmas, everyone!

—Sam Cudd

It was Christmas Eve and Santa was on his way to pass out gifts and Santa said, “I am tired already.” And Rudolph said, “I don’t see any houses.”

“We must have taken a wrong turn,” said Santa.

“Now we are in SPACE!” said Rudolph.

“Now I see a weird planet,” said Santa.

Rudolph said, “There are weird little people on the planet.”

“Let’s call them cuties,” said Santa.

“That is a cute name for such little people,” said Rudolph.

“Hello,” said Santa as the reindeer landed on the weird planet.

“The cuties are so cute,” said Rudolph.

“That is why we call them cuties,” said Santa.

“Santa!” one of them gasped.

“You have a leader,” said Santa.

“Yes,” one said. “Queen Cutie Pie.”

“Queen, what?” asked Santa.

“Queen Cutie Pie. Can we have gifts?” one of them said.

“Ummmmm,” said Santa. “No.”

“Why?” one said.

“Well, there aren’t more than 1,000,000 gifts.”

“Please!” they begged. “We will help you. What do you need to do?”

“Build toys,” said Santa.

“I will build the workshop,” one said.

“Let’s build toys!” said Santa. And they lived happily ever after! P.S. Every cutie got a gift.

—Adia Johnson

Tarrah lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling, not managing a wink.For tomorrow was Christmas and something didn’t feel right. “Shouldn’t Santa be here by now?” thought Tarrah. “It’s twelve o’clock at night.”

And then it hit her. “What if Santa was kidnapped? What if Mrs. Claus was kidnapped?” Tarrah leapt out of bed and pulled on her robe, took a jar of beads and a toolbox, slid into her fuzzy fox slippers, and ran into the kitchen.

She took the biggest box she could find, cut two small holes in it and hopped in. Before she closed the top she slapped a sticker on the front that said “NORTH POLE.” She tried to push the box to the front door and made it, but crashed through it. And soon enough Tarrah was on a plane, landing in the North Pole.

When Tarrah pushed the box off the plane she hopped out and headed toward the reindeer stables. She shoved the doors open and spotted Comet shivering in his stable. He turned his head toward Tarrah and immediately flew out of his stable and flew all around Tarrah.

“Woah, Comet!” cried Tarrah. The reindeer sat on the floor in front of Tarrah.

“Wow!” breathed Tarrah. “I guess Comet likes me.” She cautiously stepped toward Comet.

“Do you know where Santa and Mrs. Claus are?”

But the reindeer just sat there in front of Tarrah, staring at her.

“Ok,” said Tarrah. “I’ll ask the elves.” She stepped out of the building, closing the door behind her. Tarrah trotted over to the elves’ workshop and opened the door. Elves were running around the workshop, flailing their arms around and shouting uncontrollably. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS ARE?” shouted Tarrah.

The elves stopped freaking out. “They’re in space,” said a little elf, “on an orange planet we are not familiar with.” And soon enough, Santa and Mrs. Claus were in their sleigh with Tarrah driving. “Thank you for saving us, Tarrah,” said Santa. But where are we going? “I have the most perfect idea,” said Tarrah. A few minutes later, Santa and Mrs. Claus were at Tarrah’s house eating cookies, and laughing all the while.

—Elaina Dunham

It was the day before Christmas and Santa was getting ready to take off to deliver presents. Then he took a wrong turn to planet Viswar and there were aliens there that were mean. They wanted his presents so he called Mrs. Claus and said, “We are on a planet! Please help us. So Mrs. Claus found this teleport to planet Viswar. So she got into it and went off to planet Viswar. When she got there she saw Santa and said, “Let’s go!” So they got back in the sleigh and took off!

—Cal Dumond

Ashley Brannigan’s class

Rudolph is sick so he can’t pull the sleigh and help Santa deliver all the toys. I am going to help Rudolph feel better by going to the North Pole, but how will I get there? I will build Santa’s sleigh, but what will pull the sleigh? I will use horses and they will trudge through the snow. When we get to the North Pole, we will see Rudolph and feed him magic candy to feel better. Once he is healthy Rudolph will be able to pull the sleigh and Christmas will be saved.

—Jared Goelzer

On Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer somehow took a wrong turn and ended up landing on a faraway planet. To get back to Earth, Santa should try to escape from the faraway planet and deliver the presents to the children of Earth. To escape, Santa should make a disguise of an alien. When he tried to escape he noticed that the aliens were stealing all the presents. When Santa went to go get help he got caught by the aliens of the other planet. They put him and the presents in their chamber. Santa lived on the other planet his whole life and the children of Earth never received their presents.

—Blane Persico

It is Christmas Eve and Rudolph is very sick and Santa can’t deliver presents without him. I didn’t want Christmas to be ruined so I made special medicine for Rudolph to cure his cold.

To get to the North Pole, I flew an airplane and dressed up as a reindeer. When I got there I found Rudolph and gave him my special medicine I made. I loaded him in the plane and brought him back to my house.

Santa and Mrs. Claus followed in their sleigh. I wanted to make sure all three of them would stay healthy and I knew my house would be a great spot.

After two days of sleeping and taking the special medicine Rudolph was all better and helped Santa deliver presents to all the boys and girls.

—Addison Timm

The Problem on Christmas

There is a problem on Christmas! Rudolph is sick! The worst thing is that it’s a foggy night and Santa can’t go out and deliver presents without Rudolph and his bright nose on a foggy night.

So Mrs. Claus started making soup for Rudolph right away to try and make him feel better fast! This soup was special soup that would heal him for the whole night so he could guide the sleigh.

On Christmas morning he felt way better. The soup really worked, and it was very good too! I hope next Christmas he won’t be sick again!

—Maggie Cudd

Helping Hand

If I could have one wish I would want to help my Aunt Jos because she is sick and sometimes unhappy. I want to heal her arm and brain because when she was a baby she got very sick, but the doctors thought she was fine. However, she was not fine.

She had a stroke which partially paralyzed her right side. She also has seizures which makes me worried, but thankfully they are controlled by medications. She does have memory problems. It seems the worries will never end.

She is doing great for what she has been through and I am very proud. She has an apartment, friends, and graduated from high school. I want to help her in any way I can. I wrote this story because I love her very much, and I am happy she is doing well!

—Sylvia Zalusky

Santa and his reindeer somehow took a wrong turn when they were trying to go to little Jimmy’s house. They ended up on a faraway planet.

All the little baby aliens asked if they could have all the toys in Santa’s sack. Santa really wanted to go back to Earth, but he remembered that all the little kids get toys every year.

So Santa wanted to give all the toys to the little baby aliens. All the little aliens were screaming and yelling with joy. All the grown up aliens came out of their houses to see what all the noise was.

They saw their kids jumping around with toys and they were so happy with Santa. The aliens on the faraway planet lived happily ever after. Santa made it back to the North Pole and never made the wrong turn again!

—Madison Struemke

The Big Sneeze

It’s a few days before Christmas and Santa and Mrs. Claus have a problem. Rudolph has a cold. Just as Mrs. Claus was thinking about what they were going to do she heard a voice say, “I know what you can do.”

Mrs. Claus looked up and saw a star. Mrs. Claus called Santa. When Santa came outside he looked up and saw the star too.

“Hi,” said the star, “I am a wishing star. I am here to grant you one wish.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus made their wish together, “We wish Rudolph was better.”

“That I cannot grant, but I will give you a list of things you need to cure him.” Said the star.

The star left saying, bye, bye. Then she disappeared and Santa started reaidng the list.

“A Valentine chocolate?” Santa asked.

“I have one left from the ones you gave me,” said Mrs. Claus.

“An Easter Egg?” Asked Santa.

“Here is one that I stashed away all year,” said Vixon.

“Some Halloween candy?” Asked Santa.

“Here. It’s from the children who came trick-or-treating.” replied Dasher as he handed Santa the candy.

Santa thanked him for the candy.

“Now all we need is some Thanksgiving turkey,” said Santa.

“Here are some leftovers. I was going to eat it, but Rudolph needs it more than I do.” Said Dancer.

“Oh no! I just remembered something. We have not decorated yet,” said Santa.

All of a sudden… ahhh ahhh chooo. Rudolph sneezed.

“Oh my!” Said Santa when he looked up. Rudolph had decorated the workshop, the house, and the reindeer barn. Everyone looked at rudolph, with their mouths open, surprised.

Then santa said, “You better get eating Rudolph.” Rudolph ate the chocolate, the egg, the candy, and the turkey. “We better get going if we are going to make it to all the homes in time!” Said Santa. Let’s go!

—Samantha Miller

The Wrong Turn

Santa just took a wrong turn and his sleigh ended up on mars. Santa’s GPS said that they are 150 miles from the town on planet Mars. The reindeer started to pull Santa’s sleigh back to town using his GPS., Halfway there the reindeer struggled with dehydration, so santa had to walk the rest of the way to town. When he got there all the aliens of Mars asked about Santa’s presents. Santa finally decided to give the presents to the aliens because the kids on Earth already had Christmas. The end.

—Chase Rudolph

Rudolph’s nose won’t glow.

There is a huge problem in the North Pole. Rudolph’s nose won’t glow. Mrs. Claus makes a special soup while Santa looks at his nose, but nothing works.

Santa and Mrs. Claus called me to help to help Rudolph feel better.

I went through the whole pantry but I could not find anything that would help Rudolph, but I brought my book of recipes just incase. I went up to the North Pole with my recipe book to check things out.

I told Mrs. Claus that I could not find anything that would help Rudolph’s nose except maybe a recipe. She dug out her best recipe and I dug out mine. We combined our soup recipes and gave it to Rudolph, but his light just flickered.

When I went to bed in Mrs. Claus’s house I was so excited that I just fell asleep. Next morning I saw Rudolph was gone. Then I wondered if that was Christmas spirit.

—Gustav Johnson

There is a big problem. Aliens have come to Earth and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus. They took them to a faraway planet.

What am I going to do to save them and Christmas? I am going to go up to the faraway planet and hide, so no one can see me. Then I am going to sneak up to the little town where Santa and Mrs. Claus are being held.

Next, I am going to hide in the town until I can sneak out to find them. When the coast is clear I am going to grab Santa and Mrs. Claus and drive them home to the North Pole on Santa’s sleigh.

I will drive back home to go to sleep before Santa comes to deliver my presents. Christmas will be saved!

—Kovi Prochnow

Saving Santa

If I was Santa on a faraway planet, I would make friends with an alien and ask him to bring me back to the North Pole. When I got there I would go to my secret base underground where Santa makes his special toys, like nerf guns and xboxes.

I would tell my guard elf, Steward to let us in. He is the top secret elf, he goes on special missions. Except now the alien’s kids are sad.

So the big aliens go to planet earth for the search for Santa. They put a tracker on Santa before he left, because the one who brought him home was a top secret alien. The alien’s guns shoot lava. So Santa grabs a nerf gun for defense, but the aliens can’t stand the cold. So they all go back to their planet. The End.

—Bo Bjork

Aliens have come to planet Earth on spaceships and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. I have to save him so Christmas will still go on. This is how I plan to save him. I will get an alien costume and hop on my bike. I will ride my bike to the North Pole to get supplies at Santa and Mrs. Claus’s house.

Once I have collected all my supplies; Santa’s magic wand, his lightsaber, and elves with candy canes I will jump in my spaceship. I will fly to the planet and sneak around in my alien costume until I find Santa and Mrs. Claus.

I will use the magic wand and lightsaber to fight off any aliens that would try and stop us. Once I find them I will bring them back to my house in my spaceship. I will give them blankets, a bed, water, cookies and hot cocoa.

I will bring the elves to my house as well so they can keep Santa and Mrs. Claus company for the week. They will stay a week so they can rest before all the work they have to do to prepare for Christmas. After a week I will bring them back to the North Pole so they can prepare for Christmas.

—Andreus Schoettle

It was a few days before Christmas and I got a call from Santa saying that Christmas was going to be canceled because Rudolph was sick. I knew I had to do something to fix it. I flew up to the North Pole and fed him my own special soup recipe and gave him hot chocolate. I then put him to sleep in a special bed, I made, and checked his temperature. In the morning I checked his temperature again and he was all better! I was so happy that I gave him a candy bar and Christmas was saved!

—Zach Falkner

Santa and his reindeers took a wrong turn and ended up on another planet. When they got there they found people. The people were very little.

The little people asked Santa why he had so many presents in his sleigh. When the little people were talking about all the presents Santa and his reindeer snuck away to leave the planet.

They got back to the North Pole, and Santa realized he should make presents for the little people. Santa and his elves made presents for everyone.

When the little people got their presents delivered by the reindeer they were so happy, but then they realized that christmas isn’t just about the presents, it is about spending time with their family. That is exactly what they did and it was the best Christmas ever.

—Cecilia Walsh

Rudolph’s Sick Day

One day Rudolph and his best friend Daisy (who was also a reindeer) were playing in the snow. “What’s it like leading Santa’s sleigh.” Asked Daisy.

“Well it’s ok, but a lot of snow gets in my face.” Said Rudolph.

“That sounds pretty uncomfortable,” said Daisy, “does anything good happen?”

Rudolph replied, “Well when I land on a roof, Santa gives me a treat.”

“Santa, what about Santa?” Asked Daisy.

“Oh he is pretty nice, but sometimes he gets grumpy.” Said Rudolph.

Daisy explained to Rudolph that someday she wants to lead Santa’s sleigh. Rudolph replied saying, “Oh yeah it is pretty… AH AH CHOO!”

Daisy was concerned about Rudolph getting sick.

Daisy said, “Oh no, I will get Lizzie to help with your cold.”

Rudolph looked surprised and said, “Lizzie? How will Lizzie help?”

Daisy explained that Lizzie is the only other reindeer besides Rudolph that she knows.

“ACHOO!” sneezed Rudolph. Rudolph’s sneeze was so powerful that it made him and Daisy wobble and fall to the ground.

“Oh no! It is getting worse every minute.” Daisy said.

“Or like every second,” said Rudolph. Then right at that very moment a young elf saw Rudolph and asked what happened?

“Rudolph is sick,” said Daisy. The elf sounded worried and brought Rudolph inside.

“I will try and find a way to make Rudolph feel better,” said Daisy.

Daisy searched with her eyes, her nose, and her mouth for an anecdote to make Rudolph feel better. She sniffed snow, tasted rocks, and looked all around, but none of the things she tried were quite right. Then she remembered she was going to ask her friend Lizzie for help.

She leaped over to Lizzie’s house doing back flips of excitement to see her. Then she remembered that Rudolph was still sick and she was still sad.

She went inside Lizzie’s house and called, “Lizzie, hello. Are you here?”

Lizzie answered back. Daisy asked her what she knew about Rudolph.

“Well I know.. Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it you would even say it glows.” sang Lizzie.

Daisy stopped Lizzie and said, “Are you just singing the words to the song? We are looking for ways to cure Rudolph’s cold.”

Lizzie felt bad for singing and told her she did not know how to cure Rudolph. Daisy left Lizzie’s house. On her way home she saw another reindeer running on a path. The reindeer was brown with white spots on its legs and looked about 5 years old. Daisy followed the reindeer and saw a lot of other reindeer. Daisy was surprised because she had never seen so many reindeer before.

“Excuse me miss,” called out an older reindeer, “Who are you?”

Daisy introduced herself. The older reindeer asked why Daisy was at the edge of the North Pole.

“The edge of the North Pole! I followed another reindeer” said Daisy surprised. The older reindeer told her not worry and wanted Daisy to explain what she was looking for when she followed the reindeer.

“Well I am searching for an anecdote to make Rudolph feel better,” said Daisy.

“Thee Rudolph? The one with the shiny nose?” asked the reindeer.

Daisy explained to the reindeer that Rudolph was really sick. The older reindeer explained that he doesn’t need an anecdote, but just needs to see his best friend again. Daisy looked confused and ran to the hospital in Santa’s workshop to find Rudolph.

When she got there Rudolph fell out of bed and he was immediately cured. The elves had a big celebration. They told Daisy that she could pull Santa’s sleigh. It was Daisy’s favorite Christmas and she continued to pull Santa’s sleigh every year after that. Rudolph never got sick again because he knew his friend Daisy was always there for him.

—Parker Heinze

In a far off land lived Santa and Rudolph. They took a wrong turn and got lost. He found another planet. The little people wanted to keep the presents. He thought about planet Earth and the kids. He decided to sneak to planet Earth because it wouldn’t be fair for the kids on Earth. No one would have presents and the kids would be sad. He found his way back to Earth and they lived happily ever after.

—Dominic Misplon

Saving Santa and Mrs. Claus

If I heard that Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus got captured by aliens, I would dress up as one of Santa’s elves. I would search for Santa in a plane or another automobile.

Once I found Santa and Mrs. Claus I would bring them to my house. I would then go back to where they were captured and make sure the aliens get put away so they can’t capture Santa and Mrs. Claus anymore.

Once I made sure that Santa and Mrs. Claus would not be captured by the aliens, I would go back home to take care of them. I would give them milk and cookies. Mrs. Claus would get some carrots and homemade cookies. I would let them stay at my house for one month.

After I gave them cookies and milk, I would take off my elf suit. I would explain myself to Santa and Mrs. Claus and tell them who I was. Santa would then give me an update about all the presents and toys.

I would ask him if he could adopt me, take me to the North Pole, and ride on his sleigh with him. If he said yes, I would pack some clothes to wear in the North Pole. When I got there I would have a blast with all the elves. I would have fun helping them make toys for the kids. If he said no, I would live happily ever after with my parents that I love so much. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

—Johanna Barbey

Christmas Eve’s Wrong Turn

It was Christmas Eve and Santa was getting ready to go off into the air to give all the children in the world a gift. Santa took off..but all of a sudden Santa wasn’t seeing clearly. He realized he forgot his glasses and took a wrong turn.

However, Santa didn’t tell the reindeer to stop flying and they ended up in the middle of nowhere. Santa pressed his emergency button on his sleigh and Mrs. Claus and five elves came.

Mrs. Claus was about to save Santa but she dropped her GPS. Now Mrs. Claus, Santa, the reindeer, and 5 elves were in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t know what to do until one of the elves remembered he had his jet pack with.

So all of them flew back to Earth and Santa delivered all the presents just in time before Christmas. Santa will NEVER forget his glasses again.

—Maggie Gerrish

There is a problem in the North Pole. Rudolph is sick and can’t guide Santa’s sleigh. One way they can make Rudolph feel better is to give him a medicine.

He can have hot soup that will also make him feel better. He will also need to sleep for a long time.

Once he has done all those things he will be able to pull Santa’s sleigh for Christmas. This would make me so happy!

—Colton French

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer took a wrong turn and landed on a faraway planet. The planet was filled with aliens, and Santa tried to decide if he should give the presents to the aliens. (If I were him I would give them to the aliens because the poor aliens never get presents. The kids on planet Earth get the presents every year. When Santa got home to the North Pole the elves got so mad about the presents they wanted to fire him.)

He gave the presents to the aliens. The elves were upset he did not give the presents to the kids on Earth. They made Santa take a break from being Santa for a year and had someone fill in for him. The fake Santa yelled, “HO HO HO,” and the real Santa was so upset that he was replaced.

The fake Santa thought it was funny and started laughing. Santa made a mad face and the elves asked Santa, “how did you get to the faraway planet anyways?”

Santa replied, “I took a wrong turn and my sleigh took off into space. My sleigh caught fire and it was a big mess. I had to go on one foot then the other. I took my fire extinguisher, I crash landed on a planet. Some aliens found me, but they did not speak english. I think it sounded like t-ou-os-stem-pea-nok-stom. I think they were trying to ask me what the presents were.”

The elves still did not let him be Santa. All of a sudden..Mrs. Claus woke Santa up and he realized it was all a dream and he was still Santa Claus

—Blake Walker

On Christmas Eve Santa took a wrong turn and ended up on a faraway planet. Some little people called aliens asked Santa for a few presents they saw in his sleigh.

Santa ran to his sleigh and picked out some presents. He gave them to the aliens and explained he loved to spread Christmas joy with everyone.

After he gave away presents the aliens gave him directions on how to get out of their planet and back to his workshop. When Santa got to the workshop him and the elves started making more presents for the kids of Earth.

When they were finished it was time to deliver the presents, so Santa and his reindeer flew into the air. When they got to a house Santa went down the chimney and spread out the presents until he reached all of the houses.

—Riley JohnsonX