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He beat million-plus odds

A smiling Dennis Kusilek shows the big check he got after winning the SuperCash! Wisconsin Lottery ticket. Dennis, who is retiring soon from Andersen Windows, and his wife Cindy drove to Madison Monday evening, May 19, to collect their prize money. (Submitted photo)

Six days after it was announced that a $350,000 lottery ticket had been sold at Kwik Trip, 1200 S. Main St., the Wisconsin Lottery identified Dennis Kusilek of rural River Falls as turning in the winning ticket.

Kusilek buys a week’s worth of Badger 5 and SuperCash! Lottery Tickets every week. He’s been doing so “religiously” for more than a decade.

“There’s always that chance -- somebody’s got to win somewhere, and I always hoped someday it’d be me,” Kusilek said. “Now it actually happened, so now I know it can happen.”

After taxes, Kusilek got a lump sum payment of $235,375.

“We’re going to pay off a lot of stuff, and get rid of a lot of bills for myself, and my boys and my wife,” Kusilek said.

He also plans to buy farm equipment, such as skid steers and mowers.

Kusilek said he always lets the machine choose the numbers. He averages $14 a week on lottery tickets.

“If you add it all up, I’ve stuck a lot of money into it, but finally it paid off,” Kusilek said. “There’s always room for more, but I’m glad and happy with what I got.”

The local Kwik Trip, where the winning ticket was sold, earned a $7,000 commission from the state lottery.

Wisconsin Lottery estimates the odds of winning the SuperCash! $350,000 prize are one in 1.7 million.