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Feb. 29, 2012: Time to say goodbye to popular River Falls librarian

Susan Pesheck serves frosted cake for visitors at her farewell party at the public library.

A reception Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 29, drew a bevy of people, young and old, to wish children's librarian Susan Pesheck the best in retirement. Pesheck is retiring after 13 years. Many of those who came to Wednesday's reception were parents and their children -- both current and former participants in the Storytime reading series that Pesheck has hosted as part of her job.

Pesheck said she was "jittery" during her sendoff. She attributed that feeling to drinking the strong coffee served as refreshments than from being overly emotional during her last day on the job.

But she added it was "wonderful" to see so many young and not-so-young kids that she had read fun stories to over the years.

And what were her plans for Day One in retirement.

"I have to clean a closet at home," she said. "Then later someone is coming over to measure for carpeting."

A hiring search is underway to replace Pesheck at the public library.

Wednesday's reception was held in the recent addition on the library's east side referred to as the "children's solarium."