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Preschool letters to the Jolly Elf

The University Preschool children dictated their letters to Santa to their teachers.

Dear Santa,

How do reindeer fly? I think they use blue powers under their feet.

A new hat and gloves would be a good thing to bring for my mom. My dad would like a newspaper to read it in the morning. Ella would like a princess movie, bike and helmet. Reese would like a baby toy truck.

I would like Santa to bring me a Batman video game with two controllers for me and my dad and Ninja Turtle umbrella and a Ninja Turtle sled and a Ninja Turtle scooter.

I have an elf named Billy Geo.


Jack Visger

Dear Santa,

Mommy wants a sled. It needs deer to pull it. Daddy wants a sled too. He will drive it. We need 30 deers.

Mia wants a new baby for Christmas. I want a Buzz LightYear and Woody from Toy Story.


Collin Heise

Dear Santa,

Why do you cause Uma the Elf to not talk?

Avery would like a dollhouse, maybe. Jaden would like a toy with Dora and Boots skating together.

Mama wants red Nebraska socks. Mommy wants a white shirt with a basketball on it.

I would like a green Go-Go Dino. I would like a Rescue Bot costume.

Thank you for the presents.


Zachary Holbrook

Dear Santa,

How do you go in the snowy world and how do I know where they put Santa’s house?

Can you bring cards for Dad so he has more cards to play when his friends come over?

My mom kinda likes writing so maybe Santa can bring a writing board so she can write when she works out.

Hugo kinda likes dinosaurs but bring him a toy one and not a huge one.

How about you bring me some dolls and a book, and dolly clothes?

I like Santa.


Madison Nelson

Dear Santa,

How does Santa carry a lot of presents? Some presents, little ones stick out of the bag and they don’t fall. How do they do that?

I want my dad to get projects because he likes to do projects.

I want my mom to get a new fish that we can share… One just like Snappy our fish. He died and we flushed him down the toilet.

I want my sister to get some books. Santa, you sometimes bring people a lump of coal but I want a lump of presents. I would like my own tape.

I like the presents you bring.


Jackson Machtemes

Dear Santa,

Mom wants a new computer and Dad wants some new things for work like a new computer.

Zac wants a new backpack and Preston wants a new game and Ashley wants a new basketball and Brad wants a new track shirt and Vaughn wants a new baby toy… Quincy wants everything.

I want to have a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I want lots of things.

I have been good because I play with Vaughn after school.


Cullen Johnson

Dear Santa,

Why do you always just come on Christmas? Can he come more?

Rosalyn should have some baby toys. Marshall should have a spy gun. My mom would like a Chihuahua then she could have two dogs. Lexi would like a Barbie.

Santa can please bring me a Nerf gun with bullets and a spy gun. 

I am good because I listen to my mom and Marshall.


Peyton Myer

Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? I think you have 10 elves.

Can you bring mama a new printer because hers prints low.

Dad needs new mittens because the ones he has are a little cold for him.

Hattie just needs everything on her list.

My list has a race track and a rescue helicopter on it.

I am a good listener. I am going to give you cookies and bread.


Augie Maude      

Dear Santa,

I think you live in the snow all of the time. Do you?

My mommy wants toys. She loves monster trucks.

Grandma wants race cars and Grandpa wants a Superman game.

I want a train and a monster truck and a Batman game.

I will be good tomorrow.


Alex Olson

Dear Santa,

I love Santa. He wears a hat. Can I see Santa at the coffee shop with Grandpa?

Mommy wants a toy so she can play with me.

I want a monster truck and Santa can play with me…and mommy too.


Alejandro Chacon

Dear Santa,

Santa goes far, far away with his deers. He can go super, super –fast.

Mommy wants a mermaid in the bathtub. Nate wants a yellow ball to bounce and catch it with Mommy.

My brother wants a orange bear and a yellow bear with colors.

I want a dinosaur, please. I love the dinosaur but my brother took my dinosaur away.

We made drums for the Christmas tree so Santa can see them.


Payton Harsclaw

Dear Santa,

I don’t know how the reindeer fly? I really want to see it though.

Mom could have a new toothbrush or something.

Dad likes fixing stuff so maybe he could have a robot.

Addy likes girl stuff so bring her candy. My little sister likes princesses and she likes Barbies.

I want candy for Christmas and toys like Angry Birds Go…it’s a game.

I have been good a long, long time. I worry when people get hurt so I be good.


Beckett Reisdorfer

Dear Santa,

What do you do with your reindeer when they don’t fly and what do you feed them? Do they eat special deer food?

For my dad I want some new shovels for him because the ones we have are all kinda dirty.

For my mom I want her to have a Wii game. A girl one for grown-ups that is scary for kids because it’s a bad guy game that only girls can play. For Breckyn I want Santa to bring him a walker.

Can you please get me a DS? One card or two is good. I also want a Wii game- Mario’s Dance Party.

I am good when I sleep at night.


Greysyn Pace

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus?

Lacy is my dog and she wants a bone. Mama wants some fast running shoes because hers are old and not so fast anymore.

Daddy wants black rain boots. He doesn’t have any.

Ava wants a Dora play house and Addy wants a ballerina bunny.

Please I want a Princess Disney castle with princesses. I want a Keira and Tori stage so I can play with friends.

I am good because I eat what mommy says to eat.


Livia Johnson

Dear Santa,

In the movie the reindeer is lost and Santa is glad he comes back. Is that true?

Daddy wants a new tool to fix something. Mommy wants a music box so she can turn it on and play music.

Can Santa bring me a castle with princesses and doctor toys and a bike.

I have a new blue house.


K’Leigh Bruce

Dear Santa,

How do the reindeer fly? I just has to be magic.

Last year my mom got a Christmas ornament. This year she said she had enough Christmas stuff so maybe bring her a book.

Give Dad stuff to play football. He never plays but I bet her will like it.

Kenzie can have a dollhouse. She gave her dollhouse to my sister so she needs a new one. Abby would like a new doll.

This year I want Angry Birds Go Pirate Ship.

I really am good- especially when I vacuum.


Alex Korent

Dear Santa,

How do you deliver presents in one whole bag? I think he has a safe keeping spot.

My dad really wants Packer pajamas. He loves Packers so much. My mom wants a Viking hat. It’s her favorite team.

My sister wants a Jake of Never-land pirate duplos set.

One time I really wanted a Power Ranger Spear with a mask. I sent a letter already so now he will really know.

I decorated the tree with my mom and sister.


David Stapleton

Dear Santa,

How do you make all of the toys? How can Santa see us and we can’t see him?

Mom wants a new I-pad and then we can have her old one. Daddy really wants a tv in the craft room because then he can watch our shows and he can watch his show in his own room.

Lilly wants a leap pad. I already have one. I’m thinking Benny wants a baby toy.

Please can I have a light designer and a flutter fly fairy?

I’ve been good. I do what mama tells me to do.


Betsy Naughton


Dear Santa,

How do the reindeer fly? I think they have a wall on their feet to fly.

Daddy wants a thing to help him work on the house and mommy wants a ring…a shiny one.

Will wants a red packer and Todd wants the same thing. Loral wants a thing that’s beautiful and Wade wants legos.

I want a green packet toys but get one where green makes yellow.

We are going to a new house so Santa might find us.


Bo Benedict

Dear Santa,

I don’t want to talk to Santa or ask him a question.

Mommy wants a ring and Daddy wants a Hawkeye shirt.

I don’t know what he should bring for everyone because it’s a surprise. We can’t see it. Last year I got a dolly so maybe a Sophia doll this year might come.

Santa knows when you are bad. I think I want a basketball.


Brooklyn Tille

Dear Santa,

Santa brings presents. He knows you’re bad or good. He knows you’re awake. He knows you’re not.

Mommy and Daddy and the kids all want cake. Strawberry cake would be good.

I want a bouncy ball, a Tonka truck and a play tree.

Santa, give the elf named Chippy back his magic so he can fly back to our house. I won’t ever take him down again.


Alex Tille

Dear Santa,

Santa has a long white beard.

Daddy wants a shirt and mommy wants some red lights for Christmas.

Alex wants a jelly fish and Meredith wants a Tonka truck. Brooklyn wants something purple like a dress. Emma wants a kitty cat. Madeline wants tweezers like at preschool.

I would like to have Santa bring me a guitar.

I help Mom carry her stuff and that is good.


Lauren Tille

Dear Santa,

Do you like cookies and milk? I think your favorite cookie is with frosting.

Mommy wants some new dishes- maybe gray ones and Daddy wants a new hat.

Santa should bring Emma a stuffed kitty cat. Alex wants a pirate ship book. Brookie wants a new kitty cat and Lauren wants a new Hello kitty. Meredith goes to kindergarten. She wants princess toys.

I would like a new Lizzie doll. I don’t know how to put the crown on though.

I like to paint and I will paint you a picture.


Madeline Tille

Dear Santa,

How do the reindeer fly? I think they just pull it really hard.

Mommy wants a cat like the one at the store. It was white with a yellow outside.

Daddy wants a new car that is orange and it has buttons that make a sound.

Alex wants a dragon and Brooklyn wants a Sophie doll. Madeline wants a Rock Star Girl doll and Lauren wants a Jessie doll and Meredith wants a Monster Girl but mom says “no” she cant.

I would like to have a cat. I want it to be a friend kitty- a yellow and white one.

I play and I am good when I play.


Emma Tille

Dear Santa,

I love Santa’s reindeer. My favorite reindeer is in the front. He has a red nose and I love red.

Santa can bring mommy some new work stuff because she loves to work and she loves to eat lunch too.

Daddy loves chicken so Santa can bring him some chicken.

I would like to have Aerial that swims in the tub.

Santa, I have hair that is golden yellow.


Sydney Lacher

Dear Santa,

How do the reindeer fly? I think it’s special magic bells.

Santa should bring my mom plates because mom likes to wash the dishes. Dad likes working with tools so bring him more tools.

Stewart likes football cards and remote control airplanes.

I would like a fairy that flies and Baby Alive and a Dora backpack.

I help people by doing the dishes and cleaning up my toys.


Piper Murphy

Dear Santa,

Do you have a computer? Do you send letters with your computer?

Mommy wants a really big boat to sail on the water.

Daddy wants Buzz Light Year to play with.

Nina wants a puppy dog- a pretend one.

Please I want a frozen house. I saw the movie. It was a long one.

Igo to bed when it’s night, but I only cry a little when Dad shuts my door and turns my nightlight off. But sometimes I cry a lot. I am happy now.


Hattie Dintemann

Dear Santa,

How cold is it at the North Pole?

Mommy wants a new pot to cook when Daddy is cooking.

Daddy wants a new coffee cup. He likes coffee and beer.

Abby wants a new baby toy.

I would like a playdough machine. It would be really cool.

Some of the time I am good but sometimes I want something and Mommy and Daddy say “no” to me.


Dylan Birenbaum