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Pierce County Fair gearing up with some great acts

Submitted photo.

ELLSWORTH -- Pierce Fair Coordinator Ann Webb says there are lively and gifted headliners ready to perform at the picnic shelter during this year's Pierce County Fair, Aug. 8-11.

Glen Gerard, comic magician, will open the fair on Thursday and Friday.

Gerard has performed magic since age 10. As a teen, he won numerous awards for his sleight-of-hand skills.

Gerard has also appeared on numerous cruise ships, including Norwegian and Disney cruise lines.

His show will feature sleight-of-hand, comedy, and plenty of audience participation. When not performing at fairs and festivals, he has been featured in television commercials with actors Tim Allen and Vince Van Patten.

Gerard will entertain with his comic magician shows three times each day.

Webb says the St. Croix County 4-H Show Choir will be featured with two performances on Thursday, Aug. 8 This talented youth group are sure to please with singing abilities and stage presence.

And for more than 40 years, "The Memories" have entertained audiences across the country.

With its unique harmonies and great songs, this western Wisconsin-based duo is made up of Warren Petryk and Tim Stevens.

Back to the fair by popular demand, "The Memories" continue to deliver a show that has been described as "Music, laughter, and wonderful times!"

According to Webb: "These guys are true pros. You hear it in their voices and see it with the way they connect with each and every audience for which they perform. If you enjoy music and showmanship done right, then you are going to want to be at the fair on Friday night for their shows."

Sami Dare's stage-hypnosis show is the ultimate reality show, with the audience providing the entertainment!

Dare's stage hypnosis programs explores many entertaining possibilities. Webb says this show is hilarious fun for all ages.

"Fairgoers will become stars of a wonderfully creative and hilarious romp through the imagination," she said. "They will become fishermen, race car drivers and movie stars. They eat ice cream cones, speak foreign languages, and many even forget their own names.

"Because all hypnosis is truly 'self-hypnosis,' the fairgoer will make it happen -- not the hypnotist. People always have fun, nobody is embarrassed, and it's safe, funny and guaranteed to please.

"Put this on your must-see list with two shows on Friday afternoon and two evening shows on Saturday."

After living in the Big Apple and moving to San Francisco, Vicky Emerson has now returned to Pierce County where she grew up. She is said to be excited about entertaining county fairgoers with songs from her new album "Dust and Echoes."

That new album was released last November. Webb describes it as a delicate journey through life, from the profound love of a new child, to the grief of a passing friend and everything in between.

Emerson, a pianist, singer and songwriter, will appear on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 10, with three separate shows.

Finally, a one-man variety show, James Wedgwood, makes virtually everything talk at the fair. From his wooden "associates," to purses, bottles, and even fairgoers (yes, they just open their mouths and Wedgewood provides the surprising words).

Webb calls Wedgewood a "tremendously talented ventriloquist" and a skilled entertainer who always gets his audience involved.

Webb says Wedgewood's show is simply "the most fun you can have without moving your lips."

Wedgewood will perform three shows per day on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 10 and 11.

The theme for this year's Pierce County Fair is "A Slice of Wisconsin."

More information can be found on Facebook at "Pierce County Fair and Fairgrounds (WI)."