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Days Gone By

Nadine Johnson submitted this photo of Randall School kids circa 1956-57. From left, Linda (Selleck) Huppert, Nadine Johnson, Vernon Pechacek, Ruth (Pechacek) Capatske, and Rita (Yanish) Eldred. Their teacher was Elizabeth Dopkins. Randall School was located on Hwy. 65 south and is now known as the town of River Falls Town Hall.

Some of Nadine's school memories include winter sledding on farmer Henry (and wife Anna) Elliott's hill; a playground that had swings and a teeter totter for recess and lunch fun. There was no indoor plumbing but they did have separate outhouses. The older boys would pump pails of water outside to fill the indoor water crock for drinking. The more lucky and responsible students could stay after school and sweep the floor and clap erasers. School districts hired their own bus drivers and Randall's were Nadine's parents, Jean and Norman Johnson. The school bus was their own 1956 green Chevy station wagon with room for eight kids.

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