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Days Gone By (Dec. 2)

1970 River Falls Journal file photo In August 1970, 42 riders from River Falls and surrounding towns took part in a junior horse show held at the Norm Kusilek Double NN Ranch south of River Falls. The benefit cleared $118.10 which was donated to Norma Kraft to be used in her special class in the River Falls School District. Pictured are Laurie Kusilek, third from left, presenting check to teacher Norma Kraft. Others included Jenny Wright, Luanne Karras, Judy Karras, Theresa Kusilek and Pam Kusilek.

50 YEARS AGO, DEC. 1, 1960

As in the past few years, the American Legion was again selling Christmas trees in the Consolidated Lumber Co. lot.

On one windy day last week, Schultz Brothers Variety Store, located on the corner of Main and Walnut, had large plate glass windows broken on both sides -- one by a door swinging too wide and the other by a workman's ladder.

A new jail, to replace the one constructed in 1900, was to be built in Hudson this spring. Cost was estimated at $194,000. The jail will have 20 cells accommodating both men and women prisoners, juveniles, mental inmates, maximum security cases and three receiving rooms. The 52'x102' two-level building will be located on the southeast corner of Fourth and Orange streets.

Toys on sale included tea sets for $1.98, American Logs $1.98/set, alphabet safety blocks, 98 cents/set, tool sets in a litho steel box, $1.98.

60 YEARS AGO, DEC. 7, 1950

Arnold Johnson of the city electric department figured out why the residents living in East Cascade vicinity were having so much trouble with radio interference. He found an old telegraph wire strung from tree to tree by some young boys years ago that came into contact with the high line.

Falls Sanitary Dairy was featuring peppermint ice cream at 45 cents/quart, or 23 cents/pint.

Harry Moody announced that 58 River Falls individuals and firms have agreed to transport relatives to the Ft. Snelling Veterans Hospital on Thursday nights. This free transportation project was started by the car dealers of the city some time ago and has proven very popular with veterans' relatives.

70 YEARS AGO, DEC. 5, 1940

The first two men in Pierce County to be inducted into the United States Army under the selective service act were Leo Klecker and Lelynn Trumbull.

Wilburt Rupert ("Rup" to the kids) states that the municipal skating rink on the high school campus will soon be ready.

The CCC camp at Ellsworth was under quarantine for a 10-day period, after one of the enrollees was thought to have diphtheria.

Production at the Lang overall factory was slowed down the past 10 days due to vaccinations of the crew for smallpox. A large number of the workers in the factory have been laid up or their efficiency cut down due to sore arms.

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