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Burrito Hero

Brady Hannigan downed 18 burritos in 10 minutes to claim the Mariachi Loco contest title.

Here's River Falls Days' burrito eating contest winner for 2010: Brady Hannigan, a UW-River Falls student from Oakdale, Minn. Hannigan managed to down 18 bean burritos in 10 minutes at a contest held Thursday evening, July 8, which resulted in a tie with Cory Stewart of River Falls.

The two then were given two more burritos that they had to eat and completely swallow. Hannigan beat Stewart for the right to be called champion. The contest was held on River Falls First National Bank parking lot.

For his efforts Hannigan was given a $100 gift certificate from contest sponsors River Falls Mariachi Loco Mexican Restaurant along with a trophy -- an engraved toilet seat.

Stewart won a $50 gift certificate, while third-place winner Nick Persico received a $25 gift certificate, both from Mariachi Loco.

Look for more contest photos in the July 14th edition of the River Falls Journal and on-line.