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Days Gone By

10 YEARS AGO, MARCH 16, 2000

City administrators approved bids that will give area youth a new skateboard park as early as the first weekend in June. American Ramp will construct a 16-foot wide, 4-foot high and 32-foot long wood-framed pipe, two wood-framed bank ramps with two 4-foot rails at Hoffman Park. A 4-foot wide, 16-foot long, wood-framed "fun box" was an added element.

Ann Lydecker was confirmed as the 14th chancellor at UW-River Falls. She will succeed Gary Thibodeau, who was retiring after 15 years, longest serving chancellor in the UW System.

20 YEARS AGO, MARCH 15, 1990

An annual spring canoe trip for a group of River Falls men turned to tragedy this year when 37-year-old Ray Morrison was caught in a raging spring run-off in the Kinnickinnic River Sunday morning.

Lead characters in the high school play, "Murder Room," included Noah Wolf, Monica O'Keefe, Rebecca Erickson, Matt Stuhl, Philip Browne, Rachel Emberger and Brian Drost. Richard Kuss was directing.

30 YEARS AGO, MARCH 13, 1980

With the legal drinking age set at age 19 in Minnesota, River Falls police were reporting an influx of 18-year-olds to town bars.

Debbie Wienke, David Wilkens and Mark Andrle were to be featured soloists at the junior high spring concert.

Joleen (Klug) Larson took over ownership of the Corner Bar.

40 YEARS AGO, MARCH 12, 1970

In school news Ames Campus School was closing out its junior high classes and transferring those students to public school, thereby increasing attendance by 88 more students and causing remodeling plans to begin while Westside was set to open for use by late summer.

Four high school boys, Terry Malmer, Bob Moody, Mike Jenkins and Pat Early, cornered three Frederic youths vandalizing cars here and managed to corner the trio during a basketball tournament Saturday night.

50 YEARS AGO, MARCH 17, 1960

Mrs. John Murry was to entertain Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith and Mrs. Wallace Mehlberg was hosting Mrs. Peter Lawford at respective coffee parties on behalf of their brother, Sen. John Kennedy's bid for presidency; while their brother Robert, chief counsel of the McClellan Committee in Washington, D.C., was to speak in the Methodist Church basement and the college auditorium on the subject of racketeering.

Two more rural school districts, Randall and Gertrude, voted to attach themselves to the River Falls School District.

The new "Princess" phones were now available to the local exchange area, Wisconsin being one of the first states in the country to offer the new design.