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Minnesota's turn to shiver in the spooky spotlight

Mike Norman of River Falls began writing ghost story books almost 30 years ago. His supernatural touch now focuses on the state of Minnesota. "The Nearly Departed," available in trade paperback for $16.95, can be found at all major bookstores and locally at Back to Books in Hudson and Freeman Drug in River Falls. Norman is also on a book reading tour that includes a 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27, appearance at Barnes & Noble Har Mar in Roseville, Minn., and a gig Wednesday evening, Nov. 4, at the River Falls ...

In 1980 Michael Norman's "Haunted Wisconsin" was first published. Today the book is still in print.

Others, such as "Haunted Heartland" and "Haunted America," have followed.

Now, nearly three decades later, Norman has yet another new batch of ghost stories -- these from the four corners of Minnesota under the beguiling title, "The Nearly Departed."

"I had no idea this would go on for so long," Norman said last week. "With 'Haunted Wisconsin,' I just tried to write a book that was interesting and fun. After a while I could never figure out a reason to stop, and it just kept going.

Read more in this week's print edition of the River Falls Journal.