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'Directional' clues tip off three young sleuths

This year's River Falls Days medallion hunt winners are, from left to right, Ben Peters, the son of Eric and Cathy Peters of River Falls; Thomas Scott and Chris Scott, the sons of Robb and Kathy Scott of the town of Clifton. Of the three friends, Thomas was the first to locate the wooden prize. Submitted photo.

It was the first day of the hunt: Friday.

The last clue for the day was posted. It read:

"Look up, down and all around;

Hail to the red, white and blue!

I used to be south

But now I'm west."

For three young River Falls boys, it was the last two stanzas of that clue that gave them an idea where they might find the River Falls Days medallion and, if successful, win $250 in prize money.

Ben Peters, 15; Chris Scott, 15; and Chris' brother Thomas Scott, 11, were right on. They remembered that the Troy Town Hall had been moved to a west-of-River Falls location, from its southern side of Hwy. 65, to DeSanctis Park. That was how the "south" and "west" words in the clues made sense. And a flag flies there all the time. Hence, "the red, white and blue" clue words fit as well.

Of the trio, Thomas, the youngest, first had his hands on the elusive medallion.

"At first I didn't know what it was," Thomas said. "But then I saw the words River Falls Days Medallion on it and figured I found it."

Read about how the boys deciphered the clues and what they plan to do with their winnings in the print edition of the July 16 Journal.