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Letter: Volunteers give meaning to this program’s name

Holding people accountable with heartfelt passion takes courage.

That is exactly what the volunteers of the St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program do each time they share their talents, knowledge and personal stories.

In 2013, SCVRJP documented 3,236 hours of volunteer time in the nearly 200 different sessions offered to help offenders address the harm caused by crime and conflict as a way to promote accountability and help victims heal.

All combined, that is 81 fulltime 20 hour weeks in one year!

The volunteers commit their time and talents to Victim Impact Panels, Underage Consumption Panels, Teen Driving Circles, Restorative Response Circles, Controlled Substance Intervention, Victim Empathy Seminars, Victim Offender/Community Conferencing, governance as board members, Circle Keepers, speakers, community circle mentors or through office support.

Thank you to those who have shared your time, your stories and your perspectives allowing SCVRJP to continue its mission of peace and belonging.

Visit the website at and see how you can help our community through repairing harm and healing hearts by sharing your time, talents, and resources.