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Letter: Story of young man's death was in poor taste and hurtful

I read Steve Dzubay's article regarding Joel Velure and the tragic accident that led to his death. It was very distasteful that you felt the need to mention the tragic accident his brother was involved with.

In addition, the "photo shopped" picture you chose made it appear you would like to portray him and his family in a negative light. It is quite the contrary.

Joel's mother has been a long-time educator in our school system. Joel was a loving son, friend, brother who brought smiles everywhere he went.

If you take a look at the obituary you can see the picture the family chose has him smiling -- which is what he always did.

He was a funny, quick-witted person who didn't deserve to have his tragedy reported in such a negative light. I don't know if you took the time to think about how your words can affect others, but if this was your son, brother or friend would you want it read the way it was written?

I think you owe an apology to the family, friends and the readers for taking a tragedy and exploiting it to make what you think is read-worthy news. It wasn't.

Joel was on the bus for a bachelor party and was supposed to be part of a wedding party this upcoming weekend.

As we all mourn his loss, the additional pain and anger you caused was completely unnecessary. As a long-time resident and reader, I have to say this isn't the first time I felt additions to a story that were not relevant were included in our news.

Perhaps the Journal staff should think how they would feel if it was their family or friend and what they are publishing was going to be read by many?