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Letter: So many have helped us

Our Neighbors' Place, Inc, board members and those from the Kinnickinnic BackPack program wish to thank all community members, families and businesses for making the first "Black Tie Affair" a huge success.

The mission of the "non-event" was to raise enough money to support the Kinnickinnic Backpack Program through the 2013-14 school year and get us closer to providing much-needed food through a new summer program.

Generous contributions have helped us get closer to our goal. 75% of the funding has been achieved.

Through continued support from community members, families and businesses, we know we can reach our goal and the program will thrive.

From your donations, we will be able to offer milk and meat vouchers and begin planning for the summer program.

Without the incredible support from the local schools, Salvation Army, Second Harvest, and Ezekiel Lutheran Church, this program would not be possible. Their support ensures no child is hungry in River Falls.

On behalf of the lead volunteers, Romaine Hanson and Darcy Boock, and the fundraising chair, Jackie Cobian, we are very grateful for your generosity.