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Letter: School presentation marred by this political posturing

It's offensive to force people to listen to biased political arguments that they have no desire to hear, but unfortunately it's not uncommon.

It happened, for example, on the evening of May 13 during the annual River Falls High School Awards program.

The program provides scholarships for hundreds of graduating students who have excelled in areas ranging from academics and athletics to art, community service, and social work.

The awards are presented by people who are expected to give direct, objective descriptions of each student's achievements.

All presenters met this expectation -- except Belinda Hopp, who represented the River Falls Sportsman's Club.

Hopp turned her presentation into a speech against gun control. She ignored the fact that the unrestricted availability of firearms has resulted in many mass shootings, but insisted that any kind of gun-control legislation would fatally damage the United States Constitution.

I was stunned that someone would play this kind of trick on an occasion when political posturing is entirely out of place.

It didn't seem to bother Hopp, however, because she walked off the stage smiling.