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Letter: Crash demo made powerful impact on students, all of us

On May 7 we experienced a multi-vehicle (mock) crash on Cemetery Road.

A thousand of us watched as ambulances from River Falls, Baldwin and Prescott, along with the LifeLink helicopter, fire trucks and multiple police cars did what they do best. We saw EMS professionals, SOS students, school staff and community members all fighting to save lives.

From where I was sitting it looked like organized chaos. Thank goodness it was a simulation.

I am in awe of a community that puts this much effort into teaching our students the most important life lesson -- to be safe.

I am in awe of the many people who worked so hard to make this happen.

I am in awe of the enormous effort it must have taken, and I want to acknowledge middle school counselor Gary Campbell, high school home-ec teacher Deb Ottman and police-liaison officer Chris Gottfredsen..They had the vision and tenacity to pull this off.

As teachers we try to teach life lessons through our subject matter every day, but we rarely get quite this much "bang for our buck."

Thank you Deb, Chris and Gary for dreaming big and working hard. As a community we should applaud you all.