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Letter: Don't kill yourself

There have been an excruciatingly high number of suicides in our little community recently and our hearts are heavy for family and friends.

If you are considering suicide, don't do it. Get help. Don't give up.

While you don't see it now, there is always hope. You have options.

Your family and friends will understand and support your struggle with mental health, but they will never fathom how you could leave them by your own hand.

The pain you are in is nothing compared to the anguish you will cause your loved ones for the rest of their lifetime. Don't do this to your parents, brothers or sisters. Don't do this to your children.

You may tell yourself they'll be better off without you, that they'll get over it. You're wrong.

They will never get over it. Ever.

Get help now.

The national suicide prevention hotline is 800-273-8255.