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Letter: Reading program gave us everything we could have asked for

Our February calendar was filled with the River Falls Reads activities provided by our public library staff, foundation and volunteers.

The Civil War exhibit was first class, very informative and professionally done.

We read Pulitzer-awarded "Killer Angels," an account of the three days Battle of Gettysburg by Michael Sharra. We had discussions supported by UWRF professors, watched Civil War-themed movies, and were treated to music and games.

Civil War re-enactors came to visit: Mary Todd Lincoln, a surgeon, and a weapons expert. There were books and activities for kids K-5, and for grades 6-12 too.

We want to thank the committee members, the re-enactors, the discussion leaders, the library staff and Foundation for this marvelous program.

We would like to name names, but surely we would leave somebody out. Thanks, everybody!