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Letter: Take the plunge: Crazy is what you voted for

Here we go again. The Legislature is back in session and the loonies are still running the show.

Walker wants to spend more money on school vouchers for more "for profit" schools. Their lobby spent lots of money keeping him in office.

Walker also seems determined to sell our state owned-heating plants to replenish the highway funds for a short-term gain but a long-term expense to us taxpayers.

We will have no alternative but to buy energy from these plants no matter what the price. Once they're gone, they're not coming back.

Walker infamously turned down the opportunity to provide Medicaid to several hundred thousand Wisconsinites by rejecting the Affordable Care Act and the jobs that would have come with it. He has some cockamamie idea that poor people can get health insurance for around $19 a month.

Remember the Virginia ultrasound controversy? It sounds like it's our turn next. We need another national embarrassment.

As part of the tort reform bill they passed earlier, state-inspection records can no longer be admitted as evidence in court if one of your family members is injured or dies as a result of neglect.

We are now 42nd in job creation and No. 10 in negative population growth.

This is what happens when you vote for your crazy uncle. We are racing to the bottom as fast as we can.