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Letter: This gun owner, hunter wants reasonable talk about gun violence

As a psychologist, I take issue with the notion that 'good people with guns are the solution to bad people with guns.'

The difference between 'good' people and 'bad' people all too often is the result of unexpected circumstances. Bad things happen to good people, and often the results are tragic.

The likelihood of any of us 'going postal,' 'snapping,' 'losing it' is pretty equally distributed across the population, with the exception that males are far more likely to turn it into homicidal violence.

As a hunter, gun owner and typical American male, I respect gun ownership, but, of course that is not the issue. Nobody is questioning gun ownership.

Having a rifle, shotgun or sidearm to hunt or to protect oneself seems reasonable.

Yet reasonable people question the relative value of allowing assault weapons to be purchased by anyone for any purpose.

Automatic weapons capable of multiple deadly assaults provide little real protection for one's family, while posing a serious and real risk to our family, friends and selves as we go about our daily lives.

So, can we discuss gun violence, mental health and personal safety in a reasonable way?

Without weapons manufacturers setting the agenda?

Without Democrats and Republicans blaming the other guy?

With normal citizens, you and me, talking about our families, our friends, our community?