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Letter: Blame entertainment industry for today's shooting carnages

My thoughts and prayers go to all Newtown, Conn., mass-murder victims, dead or alive, but scathing criticism to the media and politicians.

I am offended by the media calling the killer a "shooter."

This guy was a mass murderer -- shooting is what people do at the range or during hunting. Don't put us in the same category!

Politicians, ignoring even the most basic facts, already call for more gun control.

Connecticut has strict gun control laws, and the Newtown school was already a gun-free zone, but that didn't prevent these murders. "A sword is never a killer; it is a tool in the killer's hands" (Seneca, ca. A.D. 45).

We have had repeating firearms for 150 years, firearm mail-order until the 1960s, and no school mass shootings ever happened.

Guns are not the problem -- owning a car does not make one a drunk driver! Society needs to wake up and address the real reasons for rising interpersonal violence.

Ideological-driven politicians throw their voters a cheap bone by talking tough about gun control while the known causes are cultural and rooted in the exposure of children to violence in movies, TV, and video games. (For an excellent analysis, read "STOP TEACHING OUR KIDS TO KILL", 1999).

It is time the entertainment industry takes responsibility for its products, and parents control what their children watch.

Let's not waste more precious time debating gun control. Let's face the inconvenient real challenges of how we can stop teaching our kids to kill.