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Letter: For our children's sake, we simply can't delay this discussion

Families of the Connecticut victims experienced the ultimate tragedy Friday.

The rest of us hugged our kids tighter and thanked God we were able to do so.

I believe that everyone, even those who are not parents, cares about at least one school-age child. Let's not undervalue these kids. Let's not just shake our heads and say, "How sad."

Let's talk.

We could talk about banning assault weapons. Or we could talk about limiting their fire power so weapons are no longer manufactured to fire more than six shots so victims have some chance, however remote, to respond.

Gun-rights advocates might prefer to talk about raising taxes to fund programs to arm all school teachers with loaded weapons.

No proposal will completely solve our problems. But if we can't prevent all the deaths, isn't it worth our time and effort to reduce some of the carnage?

Let's get together with school administrators, psychologists, law enforcement, gun-rights activists, concerned parents, teachers, and other community members, and let's talk.

We need to explore ideas. Then we need to act.

Because what's happening is not acceptable, and we love our children too much to throw up our hands and do nothing more than say, "How sad."