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Letter: Mass shooting reflects society's moral flaws

The latest shooting tragedy, this time in a Connecticut school, leaves us shocked and confused. But perhaps we shouldn't be.

As a nation, our moral compass has largely vanished. Our laws have diminished the sanctity of life.

Too many young people spend countless hours playing realistic, bloody and violent video games, with adults' blessings.

Movies offer a steady diet of graphic mayhem. Zombies and werewolves are all the rage, complete with the accompanying gore.

Splatball and laser ranges teach how fun and harmless it is to shoot at other humans.

Prayer and the 10 Commandments (remember "Thou Shalt Not Kill"?) have become taboo in government.

Roles traditionally filled by parents have all too willingly been abdicated to schools and other institutions. Church involvement increasingly gives way to "more important" things, like Sunday morning sporting activities.

We've even given up talking to each other in favor of text messages and emails.

So our hearts bleed, appropriately, for those innocent children who lost their lives in this latest act of violence.

But as we search for reasons why, perhaps we should look no farther than ourselves.