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Letter: This night was one for coming together in peace and harmony

It's a pleasure to live in such a vibrant and conscientious community. We promote environmental stewardship, support local businesses and help our neighbors.

Now that Mother Nature has frosted our landscape, the joy and happiness of Christmas is easy to see all around us. The local arts community is helping to celebrate this holiday spirit.

Saturday, Dec, 8, at the River Falls Library, Thomas Smith delivered a wonderful reading and songfest of Beatles classics, and poetic rememberings.

"The Night We Saved the Beatles" was performed along with Thomas's lifelong friend and former band mate, Doug Wilson.

This audience participation event has all the elements of an annual event. The focus of the tribute is John Lennon's passing on Dec. 8, 1980, and his passion for peace, love, justice and harmony.

Idealistic? Maybe, but isn't this the season for optimism?

Imagine a better world, it isn't hard to do!

Thomas's chapbook, "The Night We Saved the Beatles," is on sale at Freeman Drug on Main Street. Peace on Earth.