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Letter: Our spirits were raised before even reaching the free medical clinic

Many people know about the free clinic in River Falls, the fact that it opens its doors at 4:15 p.m. every Tuesday and the fact that it only takes 25 patients each week.

It also entails standing outside in a line (which can sometimes be for an hour) in any weather.

Last Tuesday I was in need of the clinic services due to a fall. I got there by 3 p.m. and sat in my car, keeping an eye on the spot where the line forms.

At about 3:35 p.m., a couple of young men had started the line and people got out of their cars and quickly fell in line behind them.

People speak to each other in line. Some know each other from previous visits, some just speak to pass the time.

This particular day there were two other people in the parking lot. A young man and woman got out of their vehicle and informed us that they'd brought coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider, and tea to keep us warm while we stood in line. Apparently they had witnessed the line in cold, inclement weather themselves at one time and were there to help lift the spirits of those who patiently wait the opening of the hallway doors inside where everyone sits and waits for their number to be called.

They informed our group that they would be there every week with their warming gifts. They expected nothing in return for their time and for the warmth they delivered, making their "gift" even more special.

I say "thank you" to the good Samaritans whoever they are. Their kindness and happy, uplifting spirit helped pass the time, made it seem to go faster and definitely feel warmer.