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Letter: NFL today: We witness slow descent into madness

Well, Packer Fans . . . you should be proud of yourselves.

Only a fan base that truly cares about the long-term well-being of the NFL would sacrifice a precious "W" to help bring the real officials back to work.

What concussion problem? What "BountyGate" problem?

Somewhere in Manhattan, Roger Goodell is sitting in his office and laughing maniacally.

The replacement refs are Goodell's "shiny object." Look at the shiny object! Pay no attention to my real problems!

Don't get too mad at the replacement refs, though.

Asking these refs to officiate at the NFL level is like asking a first-year med student to perform surgery . . . problems will arise.

At least Monday night's debacle didn't happen at Lambeau Field in Green Bay -- We might have seen the first-ever "Reverse Lambeau Leap".