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Letter: These pictures would bring warm memories

If you can help, I'm looking for any and all pictures of the Schaffhausen sisters (Cecelia, Sophie and Amara) you may have.

Their Grandma is working on a scrapbook of each of the girls and would love all the pictures she (and mom) can get their hands on.

I will be collecting pictures through the month of October and then would like to hand them all over to Jess and Grandma by November.

So please spread the word.

Email digital photos in their original size (best way is to attach picture as a file and not as a photo so the picture stays in its best quality and size for printing).

If you have many pictures, you can put them on a disc and mail them to me. If you only have printed or hard copy photos, make copies and mail them.

Pass this information on to anyone who may have photos. Do not let any photos get sent to school with children! They should only be emailed or mailed.

My mailing address is Tania Gray/1029 River Dr./ River Falls, WI 54022. My email is Tania Gray.

I've spoken with both Jess (the mother) and "Grandma." They've given me written approval and are excited to see what pictures will be collected.

School Superintendent Tom Westerhaus has also given his full approval.

He stated: "This is a continued part of the grieving process which the district is supporting to help both the family and the district."