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Letter: All of us can stand up to domestic violence

There is no doubt that our community has been impacted by domestic violence this past summer. And with the recent event (see story on page A8) in St. Croix County over the weekend, it appears that domestic violence is in the news again.

With that in mind, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our uniformed officers who day in and day out put themselves in harm's way for the safety and security of victims and survivors.

As a domestic violence advocacy agency, we know too well that for abused women, the most dangerous time of the relationship is often when they have made the difficult decision to leave during a divorce or separation.

It's then that the abuse is often extreme and drastic measures are taken by abusers to secure the power and control they have over their partner. Many things raise a red flag and indicate a high level of lethality.

The brave men and women who respond to these calls are more likely to be caught in a dangerous situation because of the escalation that takes place. Some of these include the divorce/separation; weapons present; threats to kill victim and or children; describing in detail how the children will be killed and strangulation.

As we all know, domestic violence happens and continues to happen in your town, on your block, and maybe even in your own home. Together we can all continue to make a difference.

Never look the other way or stay silent when these situations arise. Speak out against it and support the men and women who protect us.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic violence, we can help. We have a 24-hour crisis line 1-800-345-5104, 24-hour text hotline 715-821-8626 or you can visit our website at Turningpoint.