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Letter: Historic church still going strong; you can be a part of it

On Sunday, Aug. 5, the Kinnickinnic Historic Church hosted its annual ice cream social as it does every first Sunday in August. Everyone was invited to enjoy pie and cake and ice cream, to hear live music from the church's antique pump organ and local musicians, and to share the company and conversation of friends and neighbors.

The Kinnickinnic Historic Association, a 50-year old group of volunteers that maintains and manages the church, offers sincere thanks to The River Falls Journal and editor Phil Pfuehler for the July 26 article telling the church's story and letting the community know about the ice cream social.

This year's event was especially wonderful and well attended. We saw many folks who haven't attended for a while and many who were attending for the first time. The tables under the tent were full of people who had not seen each other for a while and took the afternoon to reminisce.

The Kinnickinnic Historic Church is now on The National Register of Historic Places. The building remains almost exactly as it was built in 1868 and is a beautiful place to gather.

It houses a collection of memorabilia, photographs, historic records and has served as the site for over 50 weddings.

The maintenance and other expenses of the church come from the annual ice cream social, contributions and a nominal fee charged to folks who use the church for weddings and social gatherings.

The Kinnickinnic Historic Association thanks those who attended the social, who donated cakes and pies to the event, to all of those who volunteered to organize and set up the event and the tent, and to serve the guests

We invite anyone interested to attend the Kinnickinnic Historic Association's next meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30, at the church.