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Letter: Pierce County Fair site could be reused, renamed

I have been contacted by three people from different parts of Pierce County asking what I thought of the Pierce County Fair Grounds.

I explained that I feel the Pierce County Fair Grounds property should be renamed "Pierce County Park #1."

A park that would be available to all, all year long, winter and summer. This Pierce County Park could have the economic impact of one of the largest companies in Pierce County, generating revenue and tax dollars for supporting public services and schools.

Wall Drug draws in over a million tourists a year by offering free water. Pierce County Park #1 is owned by the taxpayers already. It doesn't have to be any more self-sufficient than the sheriff's department, schools, roads, courts, etc.

We have to look at the big picture. Tourism is the No. 1 tax generator in the state. Taxes are used for subsidies, education, and public services of all kinds. Without these taxes, these needs are not met.

It's not rocket science. But, if you try to make it out to be that, we will continue to turn a silk purse into a sow's ear.