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Letter: Zero tolerance for those who mess up our countryside

Illegal waste dumping in the town of Kinnickinnic seems to be getting worse.

Last month, the town paid over $230 to dispose of old tires found in various places.

I am getting tired of old tires -- road ditches and the recycling center are not intended to accept this type of material.

Everybody's taxes are now paying for the thoughtless acts of an irresponsibly creative few.

As taxpayers we get upset, rightfully so, about people who misappropriate tax dollars for personal gain -- how is illegal dumping any different?

We all appreciate living in the countryside and we have a responsibility to keep our town clean and safe.

How can you help? Lead by example.

Pick up trash along the road in front of your property. Contact the county or your waste hauler with questions about the correct disposal of specific items.

If you find tires or other large items in a ditch, please call the Town Hall (715-425-8082) before one careless dump develops into a larger dump site.

Be observant. I am sure you will find more ways to keep our town in great condition.

Together, we can send a strong signal that the residents of Kinnickinnic are committed to preserving the clean, rural character of this town.