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Letter: Kinnickinnic: Check how your money's being spent

The bills from the town of Kinnickinnic's engineering firm seem excessive to me, although they are ok'd without discussion by our Town Board.

Years ago when the town first discussed hiring an engineering firm, the beauty in it was supposed to lie in the fact that the developers -- not the taxpayers -- would be picking up the bill.

At this time, no development is occurring, and yet the engineer still bills the town thousands each month.

Ironically, one of the projects costing the most is the subdivision ordinance that has been in development for at least five years with no end in sight.

And why would our town-hired engineers want the ordinance development to end?

I can't understand why the town doesn't simply adopt the county's plan, but that would not make money for the town engineers.

When the county took care of our roads, a county employee (already compensated by our tax dollars) rode along free with our town representative on the annual spring road review.

Now there's not only a road review in the spring but a fall road review where a representative of our engineering firm tags along.

But it's the engineering firm that appears to be taking the town for a ride, most recently charging $756 for the firm's rep's presence, and adding another $306 to share his notes afterward.

In a two-month time, our town engineers charged Kinnickinnic more than $600 for taking minutes at three meetings.

I feel that the Town Board needs to put more thought into how much of the residents' money is spent on things that the board could either do itself, or do without.