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Letter: None of these candidates seem remotely presidential

Can anybody in their right mind take seriously any of the survivors in the race for the Republican nomination for president?

Presumably, the frontrunner is still Mitt Romney despite his significant setbacks in primaries and caucuses.

A closet liberal, he has abandoned many of the commendable positions he once held in order to curry favor with the eccentric, Tea-party-type, conservatives who have far more clout in the Republican party than they deserve.

Mitt hopes to succeed by telling his audiences precisely what they want to hear despite having told last night's audience the exact opposite.

Next in line, apparently, is Rick Santorum. Unlike Romney, he is sincere but badly out of touch with that part of the electorate whose vote he needs to win: Voters who actually think for themselves instead of being seduced by brainwashing religious, sexual and racial bigots.

Then comes Newt, a man disowned years ago by his own party and still a pariah and embarrassment -- the flake he always was. A colony on the moon? In these times?

Finally comes Ron Paul. Talk about flakes! He's one for the record, so loony he's not even a realistic vice-presidential candidate.

The also-rans, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain, none of whom is yet politically dry behind the ears and probably never will be, have all been abandoned -- and deservedly so -- by support that existed mostly in their own minds.

Ironically, the Republicans' best hope, the one candidate who might have had a chance against Obama, Tim Pawlenty, was the first to withdraw, unappreciated by his fellow Republicans.

So much for Republican judgment!