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Letter: Legislator plays up innuendo to advance political agenda

I read with interest Rep. Dean Knudson's story of "buses full of voters" for the 2004 election in River Falls. I requested that he provide a public explanation.

What I received, what we all received, was a fanciful tale of mystery, intrigue, suspicion, a possible conspiracy widening to include nearby university campuses, and even a nameless caller (a modern day "Deep Throat") without a shred of evidence and no possible means of verification.

I asked for evidence, and this is what I got?

If election integrity concerns Knudson so much, why didn't he report this incident right after it happened nearly eight years ago?

Why didn't the caller, the "observer," report the unusual activity?

And does the implementation of this expensive legislation (millions of dollars) reflect Knudson's adherence to fiscally responsible government?

Have we, as an electorate, become so complacent as to allow hearsay to replace fact?

Have we surrendered critical thinking to fear based innuendo?

Shame on Knudson for resorting to such tactics. Shame on us for allowing him to do so.

Excuse me for not taking Knudson's word for it, but his letter last week was the most contrived story. I do not believe a word of it.

His elaborate ruse to persuade the public to believe that expensive voter I.D. legislation is necessary to stop something that may or may not have happened is irresponsible.

Knudson's "evidence" is as believable as palm trees in Madison in February.